Very shortly after this, I found out that the provider I was getting my **** hotspot from had lost their ability to offer those plans, that my ****-based service could get shut off with no warning at any time, and that my provider was switching to ********-based plans. General. In our continual quest to find the best Internet for RV travelers, we’ve tried quite a few solutions over the years. I ordered the SIM card and received it very fast. Thanks so much, y'all.This company goes above and beyond to offer consistent quality service.We have never had an issue with this company. Their staff is very responsive and professional. The first step is identifying which of these carriers has the best LTE signal strength in your area.Although your cell phone plan is completely unrelated to our NomadInternet memberships, the LTE speeds you experience on it can be a helpful indicator of the speeds you may receive with the same carrier/plan in our hotspots and routers. 4.2. How many devices can I use on 1 hotspot or Modem? Called to verify answers Friday afternoon and then ordered the new sim card. Grateful I'm not on DSL any longer, I've been waiting for this for about 3 years! they buy their followers on instagram and twitter.

How does the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee Work? We are streaming Netflix as I write this review and we have ZERO lag! Very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Just do it!! I'll be suggesting Nomad to anyone unhappy with their current internet!Fantastic company with tremendous customer service. 10/10Wow!! But this new Nomad RV Internet system is looking like a strong contender.We’ve been testing Nomad Internet for a couple of weeks now. Nomad provided us with internet when no other local companies were able to. We believe that just because a person chooses to live in a rural area,We believe that just because a person chooses to live in a rural area, they should not have over priced or slow Internet. We looked at AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon and ranked them on four main criteria: price, speeds, data caps, and customer service. Unless you want to pay $99+ for a phone plan that you can purchase yourself from ANY carrier. We do this by combining the latest cellular technology of all four major providers. In other words, after you reach a limit, the high speed isn’t so high speed.That data for me can be gobbled up pretty fast. We are about 6 miles from the ATT tower. Then a few weeks ago I discovered companies like Nomad, after lots of research I decided to try Nomad. Select the “Blue” plan for AT&T — the other plan is with Tmobile. They spent a good amount of time with me, and answered my questions honestly and well.

The communication and service have been wonderful since day one.First of all I want to say that setting this up was CRAZY easy. Less than 30 minutes after that I was back at home WITH internet service! I was lucky for it to even work.
We are not responsible for agreements that are currently in place with major carriers should they change. See and subscribe to his Great info! Anytime I have a question I get almost an immediate response, which is unheard most of the time in the tech industry. Could you do a comparison — there is a free trial with the sim card only plan?

Thank you Nomad, I can finally get to my work without worry!Great company to work with. We got Nomad Internet Big Blue Plan as soon as we heard about it. I moved to an area that "should" have been covered in internet service only to discover that wasn't true. Very impressed, I have been streaming movies and have had no buffering at all in SD quality. Would definitely recommend.Great customer service! The entire experience so far with Nomad has be 5 Star +. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing internet services!Excellent customer service!!! Speeds have always been terrible. I have had no issues with it since then! Technically, Verizon (and other carriers)  can get away saying unlimited because if you exceed the cap, you won’t pay overages, and you’ll still have access, but your data will slow to a crawl if you go over your limit.The bottom line for me is that with Verizon, as great as their network is – I still think it has the best nationwide coverage – I don’t have truly unlimited high-speed Internet, at least unlimited high speed for my needs.Instead, Nomad Internet is specifically designed to provide unlimited high-speed cellular Internet via Wi-Fi for EVERY connected device in your RV including laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other Wi-Fi connected devices like your smart watches.By unlimited they mean there is no cap, though I suppose if you played online video games 20 hours a day or used BitTorrent to distribute data and electronic files all day and night you would be considered a problem user and either be kicked off or throttled.But watching a couple of online movies a day, live streaming a couple of times a week, and uploading my YouTube Videos and my Podcasts is not a problem, says Nomad Internet, and I should have no worries.The service I have is called the Very Blue plan, named I supposed for the blue that seems to be AT&T’s color.