Thanks for everything and all the best Steve. He had not been able to keep food down and often water as well for weeks and was always nauseous. A real true testimony as to what Stephen and Delwires are all about.

The biopsies were also returned for the liver sample and the spleen nodule and both were negative and fine. Immediately I was struck not only by his knowledge of the breed, but with his obvious passion and love for the dogs and the pups he bred. We met the handsome Camiro, Hooper's dad , and then were put in touch with Debbie Wattley the owner of the gorgeous Roxie, Hooper's mum. !I've enjoyed watching and looking at your site for awhile. And that's just what it is, a lovely extended family of Wires and their owners.

Jorgie was prepped and later Dr. Robbins called to let me know he was in the OR and going into surgery.

This was the right path to take and I know Jorgie is very grateful.

In a nutshell, I am glad I got in touch with Stephen as I am now sat with the most gorgeous puppy who is going to be my best friend for many years and it is lovely to know I am now part of the Delwires family.I always said if ever i was lucky enough to have another dog, i would love to have a WHFT in our lives, but didn't know how to go about it,so decided to go on line and do some research.The name Stephen Delaney kept popping up and i'm so grateful that it did.

We liked Stephen's honesty and integrity.

I look on Stafford as my new get away from it all destination!The support i have had with my Magnificent Seven, has been unbelievable! We look forward to meeting up with others on future Delwires get together walks. Where one is, there is the other.

then we had maisie sired by camaro!!! Thank you Stephen, Charles and all at Delwires for the fantastic work you are doing to keep this wonderful breed pure. Hector is a delight and has changed life for the better, we wouldn't be without him now. Never respond to any other email address or telephone number than those stated on this website or our Facebook page the contact details are:  The Real Truth, We at Delwires are committed to do all we can to ensure our puppies have correct inbred coefficients, generally our puppies are9th May 2020 Delwires Narrowboat Festival Walk This event is one of our annual walks where all Delwires owners and prospective owners are invited along onPuppies will try and push the boundaries when ever they spot the opportunity and especially when teething. I cannot wait to meet more at the next Delwires Walk. I currently live in my city centre flat. Mark and the girls.You just have to look at all the puppies to see that Delwires are a 5 star company.

We have been incredibly impressed with Delwires and the whole process has been great from start to finish.

Could not recommend enough and even thinking aboutWe have just been and picked up our gorgeous girl Rosa one of Roxie’s DC Hero’s litter and from start to finish of our journey has been fantastic everyone involved have been very helpful and full of great knowledge about the breed thanks to Stephen for putting us in touch with Debbie such a lovely family and and hope to stay intouch with u all would highly recommend Delwire WFT if anyone interested in the breed thanks again Stephen xxxxx�����When we were informed we were to have a Delwires puppy we were very excited.

You really do feel part of a community. So as they say, “I was born into a Dog Family”.

They have great potential, as high -class pets or for show conformation or obedience. You are welcome to browse through our website and stay as long as you like. I owned my first Wire Fox Terrier at the tender age of twelve. These tumors of this organ are rare and his was rather unusual. Since our first litter in 2002 we have bred 14 champions. My parents, Hal and Carol Wainwright started Halcar Kennels nearly 40 years ago. First and foremost, be sure that your bitch is both physically and mentally matureThis is one breed of dog that does best with a good well fenced outside area for additional exercise. And old-school guy who knows his stuff and more importantly cares.