Snape is also able to keep the Death Eaters, especially the Carrows, in check regarding the torture they inflict upon the students. There's also no mention of them protesting Harry and Ginny naming their (Ron & Hermione) nephew after Snape, which might indicate they came to forgive and admire him. It's possible that the two got along better during the She was suspicious when Snape did not immediately return to Voldemort after his rebirth, and why he never took an opportunity to kill Snape, on the other hand, seemed to regard Bellatrix coldly. Before Dumbledore's death, Snape promised to protect the students of Hogwarts from the Information from Severus's own memories of his first interactions with Lily and Petunia suggests that he was an awkward child with poor social skills. Severus's memories, recorded in the One recorded memory in the Pensieve bears witness to James bullying him, turning him upside-down to reveal his underwear in front of many students, including Lily.

He developed a loving passion for Dark Arts, originally in the hopes to cover the shame of his heritage, and his interest in it led him to repeatedly apply for the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor post every year, despite being rejected for sixteen years. Even when it was important to him to make a good impression, he always seemed to have trouble doing so. He may have been the one to report the prophecy back to Voldemort, but he does everything in his power to protect Lily, and eventually Harry, once he realizes what he has done. However, he was still irritated if they did not live up to his expectations and would punish them too. Rather like Despite having a father who disliked the wizarding community, Snape was quite skilled with magic before he even received his Hogwarts letter. This was rarely seen, but an extreme display of rage was most prominently witnessed after Snape killed Dumbledore and was confronted outside of Hagrid's burning house near the edge of the school grounds. At that point of time, he had Voldemort's complete trust, having killed Dumbledore, why did he need to . She was also the only remaining Weasley at Hogwarts during Snape's time as headmaster and co-lead the reformed Dumbledore's Army, unknowingly allying herself with Snape. The students of his house generally regarded him with respect and pride, even cheering loudly when he effortlessly defeated Lockhart with one spell. He also showed Harry the memory where Albus Dumbledore had told him about Harry himself being a Severus Snape was a thin man with sallow skin, a large, hooked nose and yellow, uneven teeth. James always suspected that Snape had deeper feelings for Lily, which factored strongly into his behaviour towards him. Snape mostly felt bitterness and resentment towards Remus Lupin and took to dropping hints about his being a werewolf in the hopes that the students would catch on. As a professor, Snape was a stickler for discipline, with little patience for foolishness, yet extremely effective in his job and well respected by the other professors.

The Weasleys were blood-traitors, supporters of Muggles and Muggle-borns and opposed to the Dark Arts, all things Snape held opposite views towards as a Death Eater. He knew full well why Dumbledore never granted him the position, as it may be a trigger to bring out his worst side, something he denied to Umbridge's questioning but let in to those of Bellatrix's. Hence, it's his strong love for Lily that ultimately leads him on his journey from villain to hero. They were possibly saddened due to their longtime friendship. Incontrovertible Proof That Severus Snape Is the Best Harry Potter Character