Dongbaek had a tough choice to make and decided to break things off with Yong-Sik in an attempt to keep her son happy.
(Spoilers Ahead) In today’s episode of When the Camellia Blooms, we had some revelations about the serial killer that is nicknamed Gabuli for the Gabul-ji-ma note that he leaves on all his victims (which loosely translates to “Don’t act up” though there is no direct translation).Not only was it revealed that Dong-baek is a witness to Gabuli, she also might have been a potential victim. Pil-Gu starts to cry though, unhappy that she’s thinking to marry someone but ends up going with her.

As they both cry, we then hear an older Pil-Gu narrate that after that day he finally grew up with the love and affection of his mum. The latter protests and tells her he wants to become an MLB player. Kang Ha Neul Continues Search For Joker In Latest Episodes Of “When The Camellia Blooms” By Nicole | October 29, 2019. Meanwhile, as the police asks for Heung-Sik’s DNA test, they discover his dad in the house but unable to walk. © 2020 TheReviewGeek. Her mother later speaks to him about his feelings and when he tells her that he’ll never break up with her, she reveals that she wants him to be the beneficiary of her will.Feeling guilty about calling Pil-Gu a burden to his mum, Ms Kwak visits Dongbaek to find out how they both are.

On October 28, the actress posted a photo of herself in a gray jacket.

Although she initially declines the order, she changes her mind and accepts it. While fans are still soaking in the...MONSTA X is all set to delight fans as the group will be making an appearance on Idol on...D&E presents all the songs included in its comeback mini-album BAD BLOOD. In Onsang, Dongbaek and her mother have a heart to heart while sleeping in the same room. The series was met with praise by critics and audiences for its production and solid actors' performances.
As Dong Baek prepares to leave and deliver the order, Hwang Mi arrives.The two women have an emotional conversation about their misfortunes. I was watching Extraordinary You, the subs seemed to have swapped with this episode of Camellia Blooms and when Yong-sik narrates “Joker killed Hyang-mi” I had a double-take, I mean I saw it coming but the way the episode just opens up with him saying that was a bit jarring to me.

Although Heung Sik was not shown then, Hwang Mi’s interaction with him proved her familiarity with him. Yong Sik finds out that it was the hardware store owner’s son Park Heung Sik (Lee Kyu Sung) leaving out the food for the cats.In the previous scenes, it was Hwang Mi who first encountered Heung Sik and the cat food. She simply captioned the post, “I miss you”, presumably alluding to her character.Let’s just say that Wonho owns summer. Season 1. With two episodes to go though, I am really hoping this is not the end for those two and I will be rooting for them to live out their happy ending.The truth is finally out and the joker’s identity has been revealed as Heung-Sik’s father.

Personally I would have liked to see a bit more background into Heung-Sik and his dad, especially with his real motives behind the crimes. The man seems to cough before hanging up. Apparently, the food was laced with insecticide which gave him the allergy. Other clues that seem to point to Heung Sik are the green lighters Hwang Mi stole from him. Heung Sik offered Hwang Mi to stay in his house. Suddenly realizing something, he rushes out of the building while Captain Byun receives a call from the lab where they reveal that they tested the DNA on another hair sample and have identified the person it belongs to.