It’s important to spend your first days with a lot of cuddling and feeding so they bond with you!You’d think it would be easy and that baby goats can go straight from milk to hay, but in my experience, baby goats can develop bloating and digestive problems if the transition is made too fast or if they weren’t properly introduced to it early on.Most likely the baby has been around grass and hay, but it’s probably only nibbled at it here and there. They are very helpful. I hope it all goes really well!Thanks!
about 4 times a day.My daughter has a 5 week old nanny on the bottle and she just st in the last few days will not open her mouth very much.

I have twin baby boy goat born yesterday 20072020, unfortunately their Mom Died this morning. The biggest concern would be dehydration.If your baby goat has been raised from mom and is used to drinking milk directly from her, My advice is that if the goat is younger than 6 weeks, go ahead and try to bottle feed (along with offering some hay), but if your baby goat is older than that, then go straight to hay, and be sure to incorporate my practices below to encourage a happy tummy during the transition. They are a dual purpose goat so good for milk and meat.I’m looking into getting goats and I found a mom and baby Nubian for sale together. Can that take the place of the hay?

We’ve learned a great deal from you and your reader’s comments. First off, I love your site! The vet 4 hours east claims to be slammed all the time and I can’t get an appointment unless I wait 6 weeks. So if you see a drop in weight or a lack of growth you know something is wrong. thanksAs for keeping male and female goats together, know that bucks can breed does as young as 7 weeks old. If the temperature gets above 90 degrees, then you need to be sure you provide shade and cool water.If you just bought one goat, now’s the perfect time to turn right around go get another!

At first just her eyes were a little runny but nothing crazy, I just kept an on them but now her nose is runny and greeny yellow and she does have the odd sneeze.

Don’t seem to eat much grain at all either, however they have nibbled at the grain. The probiotics will definitely help!I bought triple boys that are a week old.
Should I still use the replacement?I’ve heard conflicting info on that. It’s day three and one is taking and bottle & the other two are getting the hang of it but are more resistant because they are a couple weeks older & were nursed longer. Now day 3 he is starting to walk a little bit. Thanks for sharing your expertise!Oh my goodness I wish we had the room! Wear sterile gloves and wipe the mucus off with a clean towel. Follow the advice of your vet on the exact amounts of milk to feed and any other supplements needed. They don’t seem to like anything. Caring for an abandoned newborn goat involves a lot of work for several weeks, but you'll have a good chance of success if the kid is otherwise healthy. Squirting milk into its mouth quickly helps it associate the bottle with milk. You may be able to pick out the doe as she may still have some vaginal discharge from birth and her udder should be quite full from not nursing her baby. Research. Or should I wait till he’s hungry?Hi DaNelle.

& how many weeks do i continue bottle feeding for ? Follow these guidelines to help its development during this time: A goat who is full wouldn’t eat at all.Hi, I’ve just been given a kid that is about 6 weeks old – my first goat! I have two 2 week old bottle babies. Immediately after the baby goat is born, you should be present. The outcome could have been the same if you went straight to the vet.Sorry your goat died. I just bought 3 Dwarf Nigerian wethers. They love to eat grass only. At what point should we start offering water and what is an appropriate receptacle for the water?We bought two baby goats two days ago and they still won’t take a bottle. If it’s been bottle-fed, then it will drink from a bottle until 6-8 weeks of age. We recently had a freak accident where one of our goats accidentally wrapped its horns around the others collar and suffocated her. I am assuming copper deficiency?Or two, they may be getting enough copper, but the absorption is being blocked by other minerals such as iron, sulfur, calcium, or molybdenum. If you keep several does and have others with kids, you might persuade one of the mothers to take on another baby. Any suggestions on where to look?BTW-I love your blog! These articles may be useful for that:This article talks about what you should feed baby goats by age: We got a 7 week old baby goat that was weaned off her mom already and he seems to be nibbling on the pasture and eating alfalfa hay well but will not eat any feed/grain.