Copyright © 2017-2019 Where can we buy the VOG panels … Large Closet Space Vog Wall Panels Fully Carpeted Optional Ceiling . Here’s how to do it:Clean your walls thoroughly with your cleaning solution of choice. Use a roller to apply primer to your walls. If it gets dirty, you can clean VOG with a damp cloth or a spray cleaner product such as 409 and a sponge. Keep these tips in mind:Apply at least two coats of paint to get more even and consistent coverage. Make sure to check out our articles on replacing manufactured home siding and We make it easy to stay updated with all things manufactured housing. Use wall repair tape and drywall joint compound to cover and fill the seam between the panels.Very gently, use sandpaper to smooth down the mud once dried. VOG stands for Vinyl on Gypsum (or vinyl over gypsum). Mobile Home Wall Paneling Pvc Panel . Reclaimed Boston Harbor Oak Wall Paneling Installed Lobby . Recent Photos Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App . Check back or as they say in TV Land, “Stay Tuned!” ## It gives you an option to do something different!The home buyer includes an electrician. Easier to keep up, no need to paint (but you can paint it, if you want to do so).Millions have manufactured homes that feature VOG. 10. Any and all third party images and references are provided under fair use guidelines.VOG – What? 11. VOG has a number of potential benefits, including the fact that it doesn’t have to be painted! The basic process of removing the battens and filling the seams is as follows:Remove the battens from the walls using a putty knife, being careful not to damage the wall panels. The vinyl-on-gypsum (VOG) wall panels used in most manufactured homes can easily be painted, provided you know a little bit of key information. A similar matching covering is on the batten strips used between the VOG wall-board sections, to give it a more finished look. If you’re going to remove battens, make sure to read the next section, or skip it if you plan to leave them attached. Painting vinyl mobile home walls is one of the easiest mobile home upgrades that most homeowners can do on their own, and MHVillager will show you how in this handy guide. Vinyl on gypsum panels is typically 5/16″ thick with a glossy paper coating. VOG, as the name implies, is a wall-paper-like coating over sheetrock (gypsum) panels. Why? Like the VOG paneling in mobile homes, battens covered the seams of wood (typical) 4′ wide panels. So the cost to maintain VOG in ‘like new’ condition is very low. But the beauty of the modern manufactured home is, that the with many factory home builders, the home buyer can select a model home with finished drywall or VOG. Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC. Mobile Home Wall Paneling . What are VOG wall panels and why are they used in mobile homes? Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Once you’ve completed prepping your walls, it’s time to paint. However, removing battens can be time-consuming and requires the homeowner to tape and patch the wall seams with drywall compound. Get the latest home buying, renting, and selling insights delivered right to your inbox. Join thousands of other subscribers who rely on MHVillager for useful tips, guides, and advice. Removing them can be a time-consuming process, but some homeowners prefer to paint without them. First, you’ll want to understand the basics of VOG board, the most popular material for mobile home walls.First, let’s review some key information about VOG panels. As Jean explains, electrician are routinely around new ‘stick built’ (aka conventional home) construction, and so they especially appreciate they value found in their new factory-crafted home. May 9, 2015, 8:42am #1. Plus New Manufactured Home Resident’s Video StorySome years back, Arby’s began a campaign that touted the idea that “First, let’s explain that VOG is short for Vinyl Over Gypsum. All Rights Reserved. Plus New Manufactured Home Resident’s Video StoryVOG – What? You’ll need to decide whether or to remove the battens from your walls. Apply two coats of primer for the best results. Some homeowners also simply don’t like the way that battens look. 6. Remember that sanding can damage your walls, so avoid it whenever possible. Because it is sheetrock under that vinyl coating, it performs essentially the same as finished drywall in any other house.The answer can be summed up with these bullet points. Most MHP owners have experienced trashed units after eviction or moveout. However, it’s not uncommon for wall panels to become damaged. We’ll note too the growing use of painted drywall. Different is Good. VOG, as the name implies, is a wall-paper-like coating over sheetrock (gypsum) panels. We’ll have more in our periodic series of video interviews with home owners and industry professionals in the days ahead. 1974 double wide with wood paneling kitchen. They’re made from sheets of vinyl applied to thin panels of gypsum board (commonly known as drywall). Use gentle strokes with the roller to avoid damaging the walls. One study found that VOCs are related to the onset and exacerbation of asthma in 126 homes in Detroit, Michigan. 8. bjy. mobile home university. Painting vinyl-on-gypsum isn’t substantially different from painting drywall in most ways, but there are several key things to keep in mind:VOG walls can be damaged just like drywall, so use extra care at all points during the painting process and don’t sand your walls if possible.Typically, the seams of VOG panels will be covered by plastic strips called battens. One irritant found in mobile homes is formaldehyde. The gypsum board in VOG panels stands up to everyday bumps well enough, but heavier impacts can cause the boards to crack. It’s up to you whether or not to remove the battens.Choose high-quality paint and primer, as cheaper varieties tend to flake and provide uneven coverage on vinyl walls.You’ll want to give some thought to your choice of colors before buying painting supplies.