Race tires are designed with stronger (different) sidewall construction at their recommended hot pressures for maximum contact patch and grip.

and have a person “stick” the tires and get the hot tire pressures. Single Tire Prep Stand. When we developed the midget car we did try foam in the tires but the foam made the cars very bouncy and our tire vendor had lots of issues keeping the tires round during the gluing process with the foam inside the tires. Used the gallon can of WD40 in a spray bottle. Outside air contains moisture. Heat will speed up process but recommended cold roll. Heat will speed up process but recommended cold roll. You need the temperature that is deeper in the tire as it cools slower and is a more accurate temperature reading.The three temperature readings we take tell you a lot. Product works best with a cure time of 18-36 hours. Depending on what traction compound you use, they can be very bad smelling and because they soften the tires in most cases it can lead to a tire war and that is never fun for anybody so we recommend starting with the water wet rag method and see how that works out first.We also get some questions on why we do not put foam inserts in the Midget tires. Taking your tire temperatures and adjusting them is quick, easy, and has a big impact on how the car drives and handles. You want a tire pressure gauge that has a bleed valve so you can adjust pressure easily. His experience with late model Mustangs goes all the way back to the mid-80’s when he built, engineered and managed the Saleen-R Mustangs to four National Championships. Product works best with a cure time of 18-36 hours. Slick - SCT/No-Prep Drag Tires 2.2x3" Our Price: $24.00 .

found on a website specific to kart racing. Dirt Racing Tire Prep: Altering tires by grooving and siping can maximize the amount of traction and enhance the performance of the tire. SAME DAY SHIPPING • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED (0) Item(s) in your cart.

0. Later, we found that we had a lazy truck driver who was responsible for the tires. This meant most, if not all, of the air in the tires was humid outside air. Havent tried on a car. When rolled 15-60 minutes will begin to soften and put Understand that any of these changes can also cause the car to handle bumps differently as well as changing the car's overall roll stiffness. Dirt Full Roller Total posts: 41 posted May 18, ... Used these when we kart raced. will reduce tire duro 2-4 points depending on brand of tire. I did find it doesnt dry the tire out as bad. Welcome to F.T.S. More recently he engineered the Speedworks Mustangs in the Mustang Challenge and was a key advisor in Paul Brown’s 2011 Pirelli World Challenge GTS Championship program. TRJ KARTING. Or, if there isn’t much camber in the car you might want to check the toe. Go.

The tools you need for tire temperatures are pretty simple: a tire pyrometer which measures tire temperature, an air pressure gauge, and a note pad. Due to the impact of COVID-19 across the United States and around the world, FedEx and UPS are not guaranteeing delivery dates and shipment deliveries may be delayed.Available Sizes: #02, #03, #04, #05, #06, #08, #10, #12Copyright © 2019 Day Motor Sports. When rolled 15-60 minutes will begin to soften and put TT Series (Inside Solution) 30 c.c. Both TT series chemicals fresh but will continue to add bite. Used as a wipe will keep the tire For Sale: Tire Grinding Prep Stand $1,027 "Get Grip" Grinding Stand, “Triple-3- Grip” Blade Roller & “Get Wrapped” Shrink Wrapper atta View More. We also found since the foam was so small and thin, it would move in the tires during racing and actually break and then get wadded up in the tire and throw the tire was out balance so we opted to just leave the foam out of the midget tires. I've also used WD40 as a tire prep at the track. Add to Cart Compare.

We explain the when, how, and why of preparing dirt racing tires including how to prepare for different track conditions and the techniques of siping, grooving, and grinding - Circle Track Magazine I don’t recommend laser temp gauges because they only read the surface temp, which falls off quickly. We know there’s lots of rc race car tire prep on the market, and we’re honored that so many have given Papa Willy’s a shot and found out for themselves what we have to offer. If the outside is higher than the inside, you need more camber.

Most tracks that do allow the traction compounds to be used have a set brand they allow so consult your local track for more input on this for each track. You have no items in your shopping cart. season. work together with the higher number being more aggressive. Even though the tire is in contact with the racing surface, it may not be doing much to turn the car. It was a mystery. When rolled this prep will add bit and durability to the tire.