What is this about?I’ve noticed at home there are a couple of flies and a few gnats that won’t go away. What does a Crane Fly spirit animal mean? . Anyone have any idea? I’m not sure what that was but I’m forever grateful you shared your experience.Im grateful for your acknowledgement of my experience. This can only be done by being one with our God who is spirit.I will tell you, kundalini yoga will lead you to Him. Not much but it’s definitely what I saw, anyways the most helpful thing to take away if this is get out and just explore a bit, I’m not talking the world or even near you. I hope I’m not going nuts from the grief and just sub-consciously hoping it’s her… Either way I can’t help but feel that it’s trying to something. The heron meaning reflects how you … Help meI have currently six flies trapped inside my window. This is very symbolic.For starters, the air represents the mystery of thoughtfulness. This is because they need to be right about their interpretation. Mayne this is the case with you as well..?I have had two instances where out of no where there are maggots, A LOT of maggots, on the tile floor in our kitchen, with some on the carpet and tile leading in from our front door. I am in a time of heavy duty transition and difficulty, and I’m hoping the message is that my persistence through all of this will pay off.First I want to share with you how much I have enjoyed going to your site to read about the nature world – animals plus – readings you share!Silken, I am in the process of writing a second book. All Rights Reserved | Physical life is transient. Determination and never giving up is who she is…Hello, Recently my cat passed away and since I came back from a much needed break a fruit/house fly hass been following me. All of our jaws dropped, it was unbelievable. I hear the music we listened to over and over in the most random places. The size and darkness of this thing alone was absolutely terrifying not to mention the huge mandiables it had! 3 hours ago. Where are you from I would love to meet you just to talk if you are interested sometime, I live in LA….you ! Later I sit down to eat my breakfast on the floor in the living room and seemingly out of nowhere there was a maggot alive on the ground. So I got to wondering if flies had any symbolism. That being said, I really avoid killing them, to the point where I have vacuumed around a spider etc..I’m wondering if flies, just like butterflies, can be signs of those who passed away. !My boyfriend died 12 days ago since then these fruit flys have been bugging me non stop in the shower wen im sleeping always trying to go up my nose i thought i was overthinking i even came to my moms in a different city and wen i went on my phone one flew right on my screen its like they are following me !Hi I didn’t believe at first that insects have spirits but the past week this house fly has been following me everyday, it also keeps an eye on what I’m doing and when I’m sleeping. After further research I found out it was a “tiger bee fly” and they kill bees. Very big things could happen sometimes even if it’s learned from the smallest of lessons. I even re taught myself math after discovering Vortex Math and Mathematics without the presence of ‘0’. But my gut tells me it was some sort of warning or bad omen. Once you realize it she may fly away or come back in time when you need to be reminded. today I visited my friend a reiki master for some talk and guidance. Then when someone else entered the room and I was no longer alone they all left and only came back when I was alone again. We are complete. I’m sitting in front of a frozen yogurt shop on a cloudy rainy day…and there it is. Sometimes, they appear on my arm. Tonight reflexively I grabbed a Kleenex to grab the fly and not to take outside because I’m out of town staying somewhere and that wasn’t easy to do like at home so now it’s squished in a Kleenex :-(. One seemed still and watched me from a distance, one seemed to be flying around me and the other actually landed on my fingers and arm, my knees and my hair. ?For the past 3 months, a fly (or many different ones) has been coming into my room and waking me up every morning. I am at a turning point in my business and made the decision to expand just the day before he appeared.. It determines how we react when we encounter unexpected occurrences in our lives.When the crane fly comes into your consciousness, it wants you to use your sense of mystery and your feeling to advance your life. Thank you for this explanation. Usually I’m one for taking the spiders and such out of the house…. NamasteI have scoured the internet for an answer. This teaches you about environmental conservation.You need to survive by recreating. If I move to the bedroom the fruit fly will follow me there, to the bathroom, and so on. Thank u! The buzzing is in a pattern if that makes any sense. We hung out almost every day in high school… 5 years later we still found ourselves getting into trouble when we were free from work. (Ok, guys! The past few days flies have been trying to get my attention. and it was. Then ask to meet His spirit of redemption, yeshua. It became clear that this was a sign of some sorts and instead of swatting it … in come across this site. It l I owed like a cross between a moth and a fly. I’m glad to know these wonderful positive things about fly, and it all rings so true for me. How do you unlock your arms instantly when that happens..?So, what is this silly little ‘buzzing thing’ that attacked me tonight at about 2:30 AM, in my bed as I drifted toward sleep..? I kept wondering if i should have let her die in her own time but this message was clear… She would have passed away but not whilst I was there… Could of been anytime… And to not be tgere would of almost been like abandonment… I miss her terribly but know that, with this message, saving her from the pain and in the arms of the loving owner is most comforting way to go… We alll dream of being with our loved ones at death, not being alone. The crane people, therefore, need to work hard to learn all of the crane’s totemic symbols.