In series 5 episode 5, JP told Catherine that he's in love with his high school crush, Rosey Fabrice, but was told not to confess by Dwayne, which angers Catherine, who confronts Dwayne to encourage JP to confess to Rosey. In the first episode of series 9, Jack starts a romantic relationship with Anna, but was unsure if he's ready to move on from his late wife.

Replaces Florence Cassell as a new police officer in series 4, episode 5 when she is promoted. He is 21, and the youngest member of the team. She was successfully elected in Series 6, Episode 8 after one of the other candidates was murdered due to an old vendetta and the other was convinced to stand down from the election by the police team after they discovered his hypocritical actions.

She leaves at episode 6.4 to London, but after a case takes Humphrey to London he meets up with her and they reconcile. Best known for her TV and International Theatre work, she is the daughter of Guyanese Philanthropist Colleen Amos OBE and the niece of The Right Honourable Baroness Amos CH PC Death in Paradise is a British-French crime drama television series created by Robert Thorogood, starring Ben Miller (series 1–2, guest series 3), Kris Marshall (series 3–6), Ardal O'Hanlon (series 6–9) and Ralf Little (series 9-present). Poole briefly returned to London, but in spite of his distaste for Saint Marie, he chose to return. Over time their relationship became a friendship, and showed some hints of romance – when he briefly left the island, she admitted she admired him considerably, and was pleased when he chose to return. Cassell was devastated at the news, even as the subsequent investigation confirmed that Patrice's friend had been psychologically manipulated into committing the previous murder so that the real guilty party would receive a major inheritance. At the beginning of the sixth episode, she was able to call JP and get the rest of the team there in time to get her to the hospital, but they soon discovered Patrice's body in the boathouse. His murder in the opening scenes of Series 3 clearly devastated her and she was unsure about his successor, DI Humphrey Goodman, although she warmed to him over time. James Fox was not credited for his appearance in episode 4.7. She was the team's best investigator after Poole, often handling the computer work. Ruby helps JP and offered him advice after he found out his wife, Rosey Fabrice was pregnant. Shyko Amos 8.2- 15 2019- DS Madeleine Dumas Aude Legastelois 8.7- 10 2019- Anna Masani Nina Wadia: 9.1-9.4 4 2020 DI Neville Parker Ralf Little: 9.5- 4 2020- Episode count is as of episode 9.5 He recommended Fidel for the sergeant's exam. Jack was delighted when Commissioner Patterson arranged for Siobhan to come back to St Marie to see him. He fell in love with his detective sergeant, Camille Bordey, often coming close to revealing his feelings for her. He tried to stop her leaving when she requested a job in Paris, but conceded. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. In the team's visit to the UK, Cassell proved more willing to explore little details of life in Britain than Myers, although she still found the Guinness thick for her taste. When Siobhan left to go back the UK to attend university, Jack felt alone, and he rarely goes home. He moves back into the shack as the police budget wouldn't let him remain in the hotel. He became the chief inspector on the island, and took to Poole's old habit of announcing the murderer in front of all the suspects and his police team. He initially ended up watering the plants on his first day, because of a lack of things to do. He is replaced by DI Jack Mooney (Dwayne is the longest-standing officer of the Saint Marie police force, but utterly lacks ambition; he has complete faith in his seniors and perhaps too good an understanding of the criminal world on the island. A regular on the international comedy circuit, he is known for including his audience members during his shows. Florence Cassell and Officer Dwayne Myers from Saint Marie, acting as their London liaison when a case requires them to travel to London to track their suspects. Jack decides to return to his old life in London and depart St. Marie with Siobhan. She works efficiently and gets along with all the team, establishing a strong connection with Goodman when she is promoted. Goodman stayed on in Saint Marie after his wife Sally announced she would not be joining him on the Caribbean island. Following the resignation of Mayor Joseph Richards in a scandal at the end of Series 6, Episode 1, Catherine decided to stand as a candidate in the mayoral election to replace him. During the investigation, it is strongly implied that the killers attempted to frame Catherine for the murder, but this part of the plan failed as none of the team could believe that Catherine would do such a thing.

Clues from Poole's investigation helped Goodman reveal the motive and the killer's identity; Goodman commented that Poole had 'solved his own murder.' He proposed to her in the third episode and they became engaged. Stephen Kehinde Amos (born 3 December 1967) is a British stand-up comedian and television personality. After solving his first case, DI Parker collapses and has an injection. In Series 8, Florence is revealed to be in a romantic relationship with Patrice, a new character. Goodman found him one night, amidst much screaming and shock; Catherine, who had a spare room after Camille's departure, invited him to stay with her, an offer JP enthusiastically took up. Her father, Marlon Croft, who lives in the neighboring island of St. Lucia, reappears in the episode 5 of series 3, protecting his goddaughter, who's implicated in a case. Her mother Catherine owns a popular local bar. After he checked through the crime scene of his first murder case, he plans on catching another plane back to the UK, but his flight was cancelled by Commissioner Patterson.