Thankfully with Roxanne Shanté’s re-emergence in the tell it all film currently airing on Netflix, there will be an increase in her net worth in the nearest future.Roxanne Shanté is happily married but not to her baby daddy, James Cross, whom she was with from age 14 and gave birth for at 15. There’s a lot missing from “Roxanne Roxanne” but people have located her baby daddy and realized his fate. There was no stopping for her after that as she challenged all the rappers around her hood for a rap battle. She was formerly signed to an independent record label called Cold Chillin Records, the company partnered with Warner Bros for the distributions of her works; this was between 1987 to 1992.Roxanne Shanté’s prominence came at age 14 after her record was played on the radio airways by DJ Mr. Magic. Though she later through her lawyer got him back with $10, 000 – the amount demanded by James Cross before he released her son.Cross was her manager then and was said to have been 18 years older than Roxanne Shante. Cross is much older than Roxanne. Roxanne Shanté is a hip-hop pioneer, becoming the first female rapper to have a hit single. World Premiere Video of Roxanne Shante's Roxanne's Revenge. James Cross (portrayed by Mahershala Ali from Moonlight), who is known to be her husband of that time shares a son with Shante whom she gave birth at age 14. She currently resides in New Jersey, with her husband, where they run an educational based NGO called Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Roxanne Shante Son Kareem In Roxanne Roxanne we see Shante being abused by the father of her first child, “Cross.” He’s a drug dealer and claims that he hits Shante because he loves her. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. They released a handful of hit songs after Her raps were said to be heavy with vulgar lyrics and rhymes, she is highly regarded as one of the best in her days and a pioneer of “Rap Battles” and “Dissing” in the hip-hop music industry. She was earlier convinced by Marlon Williams Marley; her neighbor in the hood, to do a short rap verse which would serve as a reply to an earlier song done by U.T. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press. She was forced to quit the relationship from then and left her son Kareem who was 2 years with him. She has 3 sons and a daughter; Kareem, Randy, Chris, and Tajze who are all doing well.The Netflix streaming of the rapper’s life opened the door for her fans and even the younger generation to get personal with her. When Shante was 16 she was living in a house with Cross and her son. In one of the saddest scenes of the film, Cross drags Roxanne across the floor.

She has lived a pretty abusive life in her childhood. Born and raised in the Queensbridge Projects of Queens, New York City, Shante first gained attention through the Roxanne Wars and was part of the Juice Crew. She continued to make occasional guest appearances and live performances, as well as mentor young female hip-hop artists. She has 3 sons and a daughter; Kareem, Randy, Chris, and Tajze who are all doing well. illseed. She could have been worth far more if she had not been cheated out of her royalties and contract incomes generated during her tours and shows by her handlers during her productive years in the music industry. She started rapping at the age of nine and changed her name from Lolita to Roxanne at fourteen.By the age of 25, Shante was largely retired from the recording industry. Following diligent practicing, she forged a firm grasp on rhyming and could rhyme instantaneously on any subject when she was only 8.Her musical talents were encouraged by her mother who signed her up to a rap challenge at age 10, she performed exceptionally and walked away with the $50 prize money. Roxanne Shanté is one of the earliest American female hip-hop rappers who revolutionized the face of the industry in the male-dominated field. She grew up in one of the most populated public project houses in Northern America with her mother and sisters.Roxanne Shanté’s first experience with freestyling raps was inspired after she watched Nipsey Russell on television. She later married a retired boxer whose name is not available at this moment. She did the latter by making a cameo appearance on VH1's hip hop reality show Thembisa S. Mshaka, "Roxanne Shanté" (2007), In Hess, Mickey.

Moonlight Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali plays James Cross in Roxanne Roxanne.
Even though she suddenly phased out, she recently resurfaced with a biopic {Lolita Shanté Gooden {Roxanne Shanté} was born in Queens, New York City, U.S.A on the 9th of November 1969. Roxanne Shanté had in the course of her career dissed notable persons in the industry apart from the U.T.F.O group and they are; KRS-One another rival group, From the inception of this legend’s career at the age of 14 to 25 years, she had a total of 2 studio album The Movie screenplay was written and directed by Michael Larnell while In a recent interview, Roxanne Shanté revealed she was a 2 times breast cancer survivor, she has posted the pictures of her scars online via her Instagram page to encourage other survivors to like their body and stay positive.The first lady of rap is currently estimated to be worth half a million dollars, ($500,000).