A posting on a "Babylon 5" message board by J. Michael Straczynski, the sci-fi show's creator, said the cause of death has not been determined but that "paramedics who showed up suggested it was either an aneurysm or a massive stroke. Most recently, he played Clayton Boudreaux on the CBS soap opera "Guiding Light. I've been lurking here for awhile, and I just figured it would stay that way...but then I saw the reason for Rick's death. He'll have to have an operation this summer and he'll most likely be paralyzed.

Yeah, i can imagine that must be quite a shock. But yes....we're lucky. We had no idea that our favorite TV doctor was also a supporter of schools for kids with hearing loss.

Sarah, Welcome to the site, i'm sorry to hear of your father's condition, he is indeed very lucky. "Richard was a consummate professional, but more than that he was an honorable, stand-up guy," Straczynski wrote in his posting. RELATED ... Biggs is survived by his wife, Lori Gerber, and two sons. Child(ren) of Richard Biggs and Lori Gerber.


Story Tools. In the case of a major break, blood circulation ceases completely and reviving the victim is as impossible as filling a tire with air after a blowout. I'm happy for you Sarah, your father's an EXTREMELY lucky man. Thanks. Some fact of Richard Biggs Scroll below and check our most recent updates about Richard Biggs Biography, Before Fame, Trivia, Family life, Net Worth, Salary, Age, Profession and Zodiac. Prijzen. He was just explaining to a doctor the other day about his condition and the doctor looked at him and just said, "Why are you alive? I can only assume that your father's condition was not as serious as either John Ritter's or Richard Biggs's - both of whom died almost instantly without hope of revival. He was 44. Unfortunately, it's getting worse. The breath left my body and I actually sobbed for a good two minutes. They said when he first went into the hospital and they found out the problem that only 10% of the people who have the condition live once something goes wrong.
Lori Gerber will walk you through everything so that you feel perfectly at ease.

This condition is a congenital defect in the aorta and is generally not detected until it is too late. University of … "Biggs, a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Theatre, gained his first major exposure as Dr. Marcus Hunter on "Days of Our Lives." It's now down through the artery...or vein(I can't remember which one it is now) and an aneurysm is starting. ""Babylon 5" fans and staff were shocked by his passing. Op 22 mei 2004 overleed Biggs plotseling, op 44-jarige leeftijd, aan een gescheurd aneurysma. Sarah, I also wanted to say that your father is very fortunate. Don't know if anyone had seen this expanded obituary from the LA Times: Knowing how many problems she can have, i am even more impressed in Richard BIggs ability as an actor. "He was, quite simply, a terrific guy, and everyone here is just devastated at the news. "Biggs is survived by his wife, Lori Gerber, and two sons. "....and now to hear that this stupid thing is the cause of Rick's death. Back in October my dad nearly died from a tear in his aorta. Now not only am I even more sorry that I never met Richard Biggs, I'm also even more sorry that my son never met him--my son has a mild-to-moderate hearing loss in both ears and has been wearing hearing aids since he was 3 1/2.
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Richard Biggs played Dr. Stephen Franklin on sci-fi series. Days of Our Lives as Dr. Marcus Hunter (Soap Opera 1987-1994) Education, Net Worth & More. I hope that his surgery goes well; my best wishes are with him. Richard T. Biggs (Columbus (Ohio), 18 maart 1960 – Los Angeles, ... Biggs trouwde op 1 augustus 1998 met Lori Gerber en kreeg met haar twee kinderen. FAMOUS FROM/AS. SIGNATURE. Richard Biggs, 44; Television Actor Known for Featured Roles in 'Babylon 5,' 'Days of Our Lives' By Elaine Woo, Times Staff Writer Richard Biggs, a television actor known for his featured roles in such series as "Babylon 5" and "Days of Our Lives," died Saturday after collapsing suddenly at his San Fernando Valley home. Subscribe to Time for $1.99: DEBUT. He was on the NBC show for five years.He also appeared on Lifetime's "Any Day Now" and "Strong Medicine."

It's the same thing my dad has. The tear isn't just in the aorta anymore. My partner is hard of hearing, and wears hearing aids. Richard Biggs.