From how to download it, to some servers to join, too. So lovely that we almost feel guilty for forcing him to write about Fortnite and Destiny. Grand Theft Auto V fans are bound to be wondering that as Rockstar’s open-world game continues to All this will be familiar to anyone who has used Skyrim’s Alternate Start mods – GTA RP allows you to join the game as a regular NPC as opposed to any of the main characters thanks to the installation of a mod. Typically, each site has their own website where they set out which specific mods to download to join, alongside various forums where you can chat to people who have taken up a similar profession to you.Some servers are more hardcore than others regarding the amount of immersion they expect you to provide, but most ask you not to break character or engage in senseless violence. There’s also post spots for specific jobs like Los Santos Customs and Los Santos Medical Services.This server stands out as it’s entirely text-based, meaning those of us who aren’t up to chatting with strangers have a place to go to give GTA RP a whirl. Looking to play as a peaceful shop clerk or a police officer in GTA RP? From the easily guessable to the more unorthodox, there’s a lot of slang terms you’re going to bump into on the forums and, more importantly, in the rule book.

You need to download the required mods to make it work, find and apply to join servers, and then figure out how to properly play the thing itself. To save stepping on anyone’s toes and falling down the pecking order, we’ve wrangled a few terms together that may trip you up.We’ll keep this list updated with more slang terms that we find.And there you go, plenty of details on GTA RP to get you started. If you do decide to take the plunge, we hope this guide helps.Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. To try and alleviate some of that stress, we’ve put together a handy starters guide to help anyone wanting to join in.A Grand Theft Auto Roleplay server takes the regular crime inspired personality of the GTA franchise and turns it into a clean slate. On top of all that, you’ll also come across a bunch of slang terms you may be unfamiliar with. Way to create an (almost) recreated GTA Online in FiveM? Because of that, a lot of these servers can be quite similar but they can differ in scale and accessibility. Much like the others, there’s a sign-up process for Even if you’re not an accepted member though, you can noodle around the forums and see what kind of factions are in play.This roleplay server is two years in the making and it’s now available for signups. With the roleplaying fandom at its peak on Grand Theft Auto V, there’s never been a better time to dive in and try it out. To download it head to their It should also be noted that while they do ask you to switch off your antivirus, that they are working on a solution. Then our guide will show you howWhat is GTA RP and how do you download it? That said, applications won’t be down forever and you could still be in a chance with roleplaying with some of Twitch’s biggest streamers – especially if you can roleplay quite well.Another one of GTA RP’s heavy hitters, this server hosts 200 players at one given time. Apartments, houses, hotels, and condos – you name it.

In fact, if you do, it’s a good way to earn the ire of those roleplaying as cops.The installation of a mod is key, but different GTA RP servers will ask you to download different ones. Most servers will ask you to fill out an application and read a set of rules – if you’d like an example, You’ll have to jump through some hoops, but it seems to be a necessary step to stop each server from crashing, or from letting anyone in who would ruin the fun.Each server works to a similar cadence and aims to offer the most flexible experience possible by allowing you to play as anything from a cab driver to a news anchor. Because of that, we’ve sifted through a few to get you started.This is one of the most popular servers you could hope to join, but it’s also the hardest. redlinerp Home Forum Activity Feed Events News Applications Log In Register News Archive Member of the Moment Chat Box Chaisegamer123 21st Aug Hey how do i join RedlineRp by any chance?