I don't think so. Leaked Rom without No Survey You can reach it by surfing from Mauville (near Cycling Road). Because every time I try to buy one I will be stuck on dusk stone item (above link cable in item menu) and "bad jump" will appear on the screen. Are you using Chrome on Android? Pokedex is bugged if you scroll too far game crashes Also anyone knows where bagon is? Looking for something else? In fact, someone reported the same bug over there.No idea about the location, but it evolves by Fire Stone.It seems Ash Greninja is the mega evolution of Greninja.This is very late, but yes. An … Probably the same place as in Emerald (that place deep inside Meteor Falls) Delete. I've included the link to that page in my previous comment.Actuarly knuckle san there is already a randomized version on the completed list of pokemon hacks just go to other stuff u find it there if it haven't been removed yet Oh yeah I forgot about that. It seems he replies to comments i acturally don´t see it as hard work i acturaly finds it relaxing to work on it cos i like the game a lot :)Has the bug with the move drain kiss been fixed yet?Oh ok I would start playing it again but have to wait til it fixedQuestion, what is the max # of pokemon in this game? At first, I don’t believe it until I come to his page and download the game to try. Anyway, what you're downloading from here is a GBA ROM.

Replies. Download Pokemon Sun and Moon with 3DS Emulator for Free, You don't need to wait till November so be the first to play it! The games were released on 17 November 2017 worldwide. It was submitted by a user here. PKSM by BernardoGiordano (All-In-One Tool) – Edit your save directly from 3DS; Pokemon Homebrew Bank by Gocario (for XY/ORAS) Pokemon Homebrew Bank GB by Gocario (for Red/Blue/Yellow) PCHex++ by Slashcash (XY/ORAS) Screenshot of PKSM Completed ROM Hacks [3DS] Pokemon ROM Hacks Collection; Save Editors. I'm guessing they're implemented as different Pokemon. Reply Delete. NDS Rom/Diamond Hack: Download Pokemon Diamond Sun and Moon Completed on Pokemoner.com - It is a english version for Pokemon Sun Pearl and Moon Diamond! I'm guessing that whatever's missing will be added in future updates. I think Invest Vexes was an earlier version.

What should I do?Sorry, I'm not sure where else you can find link cables. After you beat Wattson, he'll be waiting outside the Pokemon Center to give you the key.Do you know where you can get jangmo-o hakomm-o or kommo-oSorry for the late reply. How do you evolve Kadabra, I got a shiny one and I want to use itGoogle Translate gives me "EVOLUTIVE STONES ARE BUYED IN LILICOVE AND MAUVILLE (Look at the two, most common in mauville and the youngest in lilicove)"Sorry, actually you use the Link Cable item which can be found in Liliycove.The only mega evolutions available in the current version are Garchomp, CharizardX, Gengar, Galie, Absol, Lucario, Salamence, Gardevoir, Scizor, Metagross, Blaziken.If mega absolutely is in this version why can'take I evolve him Try using a moon stone. I've looked almost everywhere.Oh I must have been unlucky thanks for the help. More pokemon hack sun and moon version..

Prtalburg city and Rostruff Tunnel or what its called cos i haven´t got a Rod yet :)and Aldering cave or whats the cave is called at the battle frontier :)Looks good! Which emulator are you using? We are always happy to have you on our site. Pokemon Sun and Moon Serial Key Generator (Nintendo 3DS) We want to bring for you a new tool named Pokemon Sun and Moon Serial Key Generator.As you probably heard, Pokemon just released two new game for Nintendo 3DS platform named Pokemon Sun and Moon.This time, GameFreak, the developer of Pokemon game, come with a combination of two awesome games, the dark side, moon and the light side, the sun. the game is quite interesting except if the creator could provide a list of pokemon's locations as well as edit some glitch such as the move wake-up slap!

Meaning the red tinge will occur when you play in the evening.I'm suprised that I found a shiny grubbin early in the gameCan you turn mega pokemon back to its original form or is it permanent?Yeah, they work like normal evolutions, so they're permanent. The Google Drive link should work if you long-press and then "Save Link". If the emulator supports the Real Time Clock, the in-game time will match your system time.