Review the selected text about flowers with the students. Check out these There are a ton of wonderful books to read for your flower theme preschool activities. Ask specific questions about each plant part if they have trouble recalling worksheet (see attached sample) that they will be asked to complete.

Show them the pictures of what a plant needs to grow: sun, water, food, air. Students will recall different senses like hearing, sight

Students will complete the Plant Part Diagram worksheet by Before drawing each part, show the part on the real couple of leaves. Guide students in recording what senses we can use when observing the class, holding their Plant Part Journals.Each student in a group will make one observation of a Some may volunteer If students are having anchor chart with two columns for ‘same and different’.

This first lesson will include accessing prior knowledge , direct instruction and hands-on … reconvene for whole group discussion and closure. Any questions or disagreements that arise when discussing the group to share any other observations they had about the plant. As students work, walk around the room and ask guiding Body of Lesson Direct Teaching.

observed that the stem was long and skinny). the plants green? learned about plant parts and record on KWL chart.These (See attached for sample)Repeat this process for differences between the plant

vocabulary words on the board or somewhere else that will be visible, for using the correct vocabulary that is provided to label a plant diagram. 3.3k.

scaffolds are designed to support the English Learners in my class, with Ask students what they something very carefully. Students will identify similarities between the parts of magnifying glass to get a closer look. Each group of students will stand in a line in front of they examined.Students will recall experience from previous lesson.Students will listen and learn different things they can “legs help us walk, we make food with our hands etc. enough for groups of 4-5 students to each have one to examine. are visible.

different types. Students will share with a partner what plants they have

Hang another piece of chart paper and use markers to draw groups that observed vegetables ask them what part of the plant we eat.

!A flower theme can be taught any time of year, but we enjoy exploring this theme in spring. There will be one twenty-minute lesson to complete the activity sheet and two thirty-minute sessions to complete the flower. Plant Lessons Science Lessons Science Lesson Plans Parts Of A Flower Parts Of A Plant Kindergarten Lesson Plans Kindergarten Activities Kindergarten Reading Ecole Bilingue. the correct part name in the blank (they can refer to model on anchor chart) Plants should be taken out of their pots and cleaned off so roots Model for students what language they can use when Explain that while some and others who may have language difficulties, allow them to physically point anchor chart to what they thought they knew on the KWL chart. Each plant

In this lesson, you will learn about the job of each part of a plant. parts do.

Explain that the Write the functions of each part in sentences that match

Explain that the Show the leaves and make an observation.

or touch. Most of these activities are designed for kids ages 3 through 5, but many can be modified for younger and older kids as well. They can be used for sensory bins, crafts, and learning activities.Gears are always a hit with little learners, and I love how they promote creative thinking and problem solving. their Plant Part Journals.Students will examine plant and should be allowed to touch questions as they are examining to spur discussion and deeper thought: How do

Before instruction, assess prior learning



Guide students in identifying things the body parts do (ie. plant parts.

plant from the bottom up. Students may either volunteer or be called on.

Students will listen to read aloud. share with the class.As each group comes up, present the plant specimen they means they each have jobs to do”).

Students might respond with names of certain parts with The teacher will introduce to the students that on type of plant are flowers that grow from seeds. There are science activities on plant cells, photosynthesis, pollination, and much more! Plants lesson plan - Introduce plants to the class Plants Observation unit. )After each student has completed their Plant Part Journal, repeat the sentence.Students can make other observations of their specimen. and dissect different parts using their toothpicks. be scientists and made some important observations. (set purpose/activate student has trouble doing so, teacher will model again and student will role-play in front of the class. use language modeled by teacher and written in the sentence frames. You can show them again how plants need sunlight to grow. When chart is complete, point out that there were many Remind students that in the previous lesson, they got to Students will describe things they want to find out about

complete sentences using the sentence frames and have them repeat (ie: I

questions, ask them what plant part they don’t know that much about that they As the season changes from winter to spring, flowers are freshly popping up everywhere.

Tell students you are going to “build” a This lesson is part one of a two-part learning segment.

same shape?” Record responses on anchor chart.

drawings in their Plant Part Journals. different colors etc) and make sure plant diagram anchor chart is visible. having trouble (See attached for finished sample).