It took me a quarter. I told them to keep their strap because if it was not a fixed metal brace it's not going to correct the problem. The seat is comfortable over the short term (several hours) but numbness sets in thereafter. Submitted by: So my with my appetite wetted I decided to go to the next level in 2016.

Also get a wheeled canoe carrier. Seems fast to me also. I got both and have no issue with the weight anymore. I feel like I will have a fix for this, but feel as though Old Town should've had this worked out prior to marketing this boat. Submitted by: Okay, what's the catch? Lastly the pedals - typical Kayak stuff which if you use as designed should be fine. Internet searching, youtubing and the like. The seat is very comfortable. Thanks for the feedback!As these pedal drive kayaks become more popular and are produced in greater quantity will the prices be lower and more competitive regular paddle kayaks?I don’t think that you will ever see the prices come down to be competitive with the traditional paddle kayaks as there is just too much hardware and technology in them.

This is the perfect vessel for anyone looking for simple comfort, or for someone who wants to dress out a boat from the water up and make it completely their own. Thanks for the info! I am a "canoe guy" going back 40+ years, so I felt comfortable with the open nature of the craft, though I also love the seat the and the ability to use a kayak paddle, which moves the boat through the water at a good clip AND is easier on my aging shoulders!

Mount the motor, slip the adjustable seat forward and put the battery behind me. when my wife and I became interested in kayaking some years ago we gravitated to solo sit in kayaks (Perception Carolina 14.5 and 16) due to their versatility. The seats are, in realty, not very adjustable.

Portage, loading and unloading was otherwise amiable.I proceeded homeward where I soon eagerly set out on my maiden journey into the choppy, windy bay. Its a keeper. The Full Review I never seem to be able to connect up with buddies to go out together. This event became a fun two-day event that went down in the kayak fishing history books as the first ever Kayak Angler Pedal Boat Olympics and Shootout.

New arrivals you may like in Paddling (0) ALPS Mountaineering Torrent Dry Bag Pack - 35 Liter $33.73 $44.99 (0) ALPS Mountaineering Monsoon Duffel - 90 Liter $111.73 $149.99 (0) We have some great creeks here in Ky to float on.

I am 60 years old and have 2 re-engineered hips.

It is very durable. Im in a toss up between the old town pdl or the hobie outback?.. Submitted by: Strong wind, strong and cross currents and some class l rapids. Both were paddler errors but I think this boat is challenging for a novice.

The Next tracks well and I can sit in it for hours without getting “canoe butt”. This boat is 29" wide 13' long and 50 lbs. At our age, though, getting in and out wasn't the easiest thing. The PDL is a great platform. Honestly, it has been pure pleasure to get back out on the water, after so many years of not being able to (because of my arthritis.)

Paddling over rocks is unavoidable, and the river-rash is not deep.Comfort is the key here. It caught my eye, mainly because of the color, and I popped over to the Old Town website to learn more.A solo, 12 foot canoe, with a 450 pound weight capacity?

I also worry about the durability of the plastic cups. Perhaps time will vindicate this peculiar design and prove it as stalwart as any other, but I'll remain a skeptic in the meantime. At 6' 2" and 212 lbs., I managed to leave about 8 inches of freeboard. I reckon with my weight plus cargo, the seat bottom was about at the waterline. Glides better than the kayaks, for me, and is really a lot of fun. It says sold separately.Yes, it is! It is now a stationary back rest. With instant forward and reverse, the award-winning PDL Drive is the most reliable and easy-to-use pedal drive on the market.

Overall, it's a nice little boat that needs a diet. I purchased this vessel because I wanted the cargo capacity it offered without giving up the manueverability of my Dirigo. I experimented with leaning the craft and could affect the turning radius a bit. Happy and safe paddling out there. He double one helps to more easily keep up with a group of kayaks, and the single one allows for a quieter (and drier) paddling experience when you want to sneak up on wildlife or just listen to sounds other than the ones your paddling creates. 13' long, 29" wide, 53 lbs, max weight 450 lbs.

If you paddle alone it is an excellent cruising boat. 56 lbs / 25.4 kg. If you paddle with kayaks, you will not find yourself in the front of the pack but, unless you are racing, you can keep up. The boat is light, good looking and gives you access to tight spaces. I tightened the strap and have had no further incidents. First time was getting drawn into a sweeper, second was I was tired and wet on a gravel bar. Submitted by: Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you! It strikes a comfortable balance between tracking and maneuverability, but takes some attention to weight distribution to glide straight for very far — it is easy to find yourself facing a different direction by the time you get your camera out even on still water and without wind. And seating with back support?

The implication was I didn’t know how to use a wrench. The Next has solved my problems. I am almost comfortable enough to stand up in it. I did extensive research when looking for a personal watercraft that would serve my needs. If we are looking at longer flat water trips, the Ally would still be our first choice. Submitted by: