Definition and synonyms of five-and-dime from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. In true outlaw country style, the song finds Shaver reflecting on his lot in life, which is filled with excess and turmoil.

The frontman for one of Canada's most well-known punk rock bands talks about his Eddie Vedder encounter, Billy Talent's new album, and the importance of rock and roll.A popular contemporary folk singer, Williams still remembers the sticky note that changed her life in college.Whether he's splitting ears or burning Nazis, Quentin Tarantino uses memorable music in his films. See if you can match the song to the scene.

"All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey was the first ringtone certified Gold.The Frankie Goes To Hollywood hit "Relax" is, as the band says, about "shagging." The song Old Five and Dimers Like me written by Billy Joe Shaver and recorded by Tom T Hall. It was banned by the BBC, which sent it to #1 in the UK as listeners flocked to record stores to buy it.The longtime Eagle talks about soaring back to his solo career, and what he learned about songwriting in the group.The rock revolutionist on songwriting, quitting smoking, and what she thinks of Rush Limbaugh using her song.Dave reveals the inspiration for "Feelin' Alright" and explains how the first song he ever wrote became the biggest hit for his band Traffic. just used the Five and Dime stores to make their purchases refers to people who were not sufficiently affluent to shop at upper class stores and therefore.

"Old Five and Dimers Like Me" was the title track to Billy Joe Shaver's 1973 debut album. This is the British English definition of five-and-dime.View American English definition of five-and-dime. Reason for rhymers and old five and dimers like me. View the pronunciation for five-and-dime. It's taking me so long and now that I know I believe All that I do or say is all I ever will be Too far and too high and too deep ain't too much to be Too much ain't enough for old five and dimers like me. "I'll Melt With You" by Modern English is about a couple who melt together because a nuclear bomb drops.Michael Jackson became the first artist in history to score Top 10 hits in five consecutive decades on the Hot 100 when "Love Never Felt So Good" landed at #9 on the chart dated May 31, 2014. "Old Five and Dimers Like Me" was the title track to Billy Joe Shaver's 1973 debut album. But if Shaver is an inveterate, Southern-fried badass, there is a softness and a yearning for connection that makes him impossible to typecast or dismiss.On the plaintive, tender “Jesus Christ, What A Man” Shaver longs to be inundated with sacred songs about the soul-enriching words and music of his Savior.

"At This Moment" was first released by Billy Vera & the Beaters in 1981, and hit #79.

A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs Old Five and Dimers Like Me reveals a songwriter at the height of his power, a songwriter who undersells his case via quiet melodic music steeped in Texas country, folk, and the blues. The pain and world-weariness of his hardscrabble existence was reflected in a rasp of surprising emotion. Billy Joe Shaver was only 33 years old when he released his 1973 Kris Kristofferson-produced debut, Old Five and Dimers Like Me.Yet, by that time he was blessed and cursed to have lived several lifetimes, all of them hard, some of them nearly fatal.

Billy Joe Shaver was only 33 years old when he released his 1973 Kris Kristofferson-produced debut, But it was also an agitated, twangy, finger-jabbing weapon of a voice, radiating red-hot, quivering sensuality and aggression, a Southern-fried carnality that finds its truest manifestation in “Black Rose,” a harmonica-fueled rave-up with the It takes chutzpah for a man barely in his thirties to rerecord a song like “Old Five and Dimers Like Me,”“I Been To Georgia on a Fast Train” resurrects the Tennessee Three railroad rhythms for a redneck anthem rich in defiant mountain pride and casual sexuality.

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After it was used in two episodes of Family Ties in 1985-1986, it went to #1.Miguel wrote "Adorn" about his girlfriend, model and artist Nazanin Mandi when he was returning home from a long trip and was anxious to see her.

I've spent the lifetime making up my mind to be More than the measure of what I thought others could see Good luck and fast bucks are too far and too few between Catalog buyers and old five and dimers like me. Shaver knew better than anyone that it was the Saturday-night sinners like himself who really needed Christ’s forgiveness, not the phonies with shiny red Cadillacs who showed up for service on Sunday.An outlaw country classic that sounds as weathered today as it did when it was new.

When Waylon Jennings needed songs for his Honky Tonk Heroes album released later that year, he filled it with Shaver's songs, including this one. When Waylon Jennings needed songs for his