I pointed it out to my coworker and he responded “yeah I smell it too, I’m trying to ignore it.” I left the event early and once I was alone, turns out it was me. On the contraceptive pill post having my kids I had the”black dog” within a month and immediately ceased it when I realised the link and felt better within days. stop. NuvaRing is not for women with a history of these conditions or any condition that makes your blood more likely to clot.

I did put on some weight as well, but only few and I successfully got rid of those extra with an ordinary no-dinner diet.

I have been on it for close to two years and I did not experience any side effects; my periods were shorter and lighter; and it’s effective.” “I've only been on it a few weeks but unfortunately my already large boobs have swelled up even more and are super sore. And I just got tested for STD's so I know it couldn't be anything else. I would NOT recommend this product as it took many years to get back to normal.” Good luck for those who started and taking the Nuvaring. We have no cases of weight loss yet. If it doesn’t go away, check with your health care provider.Other side effects seen with NuvaRing include breast discharge; vaginal injury (including pain, discomfort, and bleeding) associated with broken rings; and penis discomfort of the partner (such as irritation, rash, itching).Less common side effects seen with combination hormonal birth control include:There have been reports of the ring becoming stuck to the vaginal tissue and having to be removed by a healthcare provider. Personally I didn't experience any vaginal burning and don't feel it in there at all but have had some random abdomen pains. This risk increases with age and the number of cigarettes smoked.Do not use NuvaRing if you smoke cigarettes and are over age 35. Had some side effects such as spotting, cramps, chills the first month, but it all went away on the second ring and I love not having to think about it. NuvaRing may cause serious side effects, including: NuvaRing may cause serious side effects, including: Blood clots. “Only a week using this birth control. “I've been on NR for 2 and a half months and I don't know how much longer I can tolerate its side effects, from the mood swings to feeling angry all the time, low to no libido at all and feeling distant from my partner and I've been bleeding the entire time I've had it in. I used it for almost a month. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. For some woman the reaction will be beneficial but others may find them detrimental. “I have been on Nuvaring since November of 2017. Depo made me gain 20 lbs.
It works but at a cost.” I had horrible side effects due to the Mononessa & nearly passed out everyday on it until I finally switched to the NuvaRing. I just finished my period month 3 was at a networking event and caught whiffs of fish. “I am a nurse and am confident I’ve never had depression during my life.
I have noticed unsuccessful weight loss since children but chalked it up to my age (late 30's.) sugar intake. So angry!!

The risk of getting blood clots may be greater with the type of progestin in NuvaRing than with some other progestins in certain low-dose birth control pills. Near constant spotting.

I am hoping this is penance for all the missed periods over the years. I had been doing really well mentally for over a year prior. No one knew what it was. During the 4+ years of being on this ring, I had this inexplicable pain inside my vagina during sex.