With the NCASE M1, you are able to go for a compact unit with lots of storage or, for those budget-conscious builders, an ATX PSU with a short GPU. Please try again. The NCASE M1 is one of the best cases we ever reviewed. There was an error signing up for restock notifications. No fans or paper manual are included.Yes. It aims to utilize every cubic inch of space within its belly, which makes it of extremely compact size. Downrange models often share designs with higher end models, so this should still be useful for determining compatibility with many of those cards.Example of a reference height card (PCB/cooler =~111mm tall) - no recessed connectors:Also the Asrock Challenger 5700s look to have been updated on their website to 281x137x42 mm. Typically, order made between Monday to Saturday are shipped the following week between Wednesday to Friday.Items are restocked after production runs. The dimensions are just 25.1 x 33.3 x 16.0 cm or 9.9 x 13.1 x 6.3 inches (H x D x W), so the M1 occupies a space of just 12.6 Liters. An angular, arched cutout exposes the front USB and audio combo port, flanking the central power button, whose dual-color

Includes Four Mounting Screws and Thumb Screws for GPU. The only difference is the top panel, which may be easily swapped out. Able to swallow a 240 mm radiator and long GPU even so, the M1 is a near damn perfect implementation of a shoebox-sized gaming rig. Mini-ITX is the smallest motherboard form-factor capable of supporting such a Side and top panels are perforated with symmetrical ventilation areas, ensuring both visual harmony and proper system airflow. Might help the GPU temps, but I imagine the 2070 will be fine regardless due to the triple slot cooler.You can use slim (15mm or less) fans under the GPU as intakes too!No one knows for sure how GPU cooling will be with the v6.0 and the increased ventilation, I think you should be fine.You try to remove shroud and fans, like on Asus strix cards.

You must log in or register to reply here. 120mm or 140mm fans can be used in the M1, up to 130mm in height. And – for the truly hardcore – the M1 allows for custom water cooling loops using a slim Where can i put fans in the case? I see an Asus 2080 ti oc isn’t compatible because of recessed power connectors. At times when we have no inventory available, we may instead offer pre-orders for the next production run.Orders are usually shipped in batches weekly, with exception to holidays.

Will be putting together a new build with the Ncase M1 when ti arrives near the end of the month. From the overall aesthetic design, down to the smallest detail, every facet was subject Just putting info so he can update the table.I’m sorry. Will be putting together a new build with the Ncase M1 when ti arrives near the end of the month. Will i still be able to fit fans underneath the GPU?I am also wondering if i should carry over my X52 AIO from my current build or buy a new Noctua NH-U9S.Recommendations and opinions appreciated i have not built an itx build before!Keep the the X52, try it as an exhaust config.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is not an exhaustive list, focused primarily on current gen top-tier cards (as these tend to be the largest). This item is not currently available Lol. LED glows crisply – but not overly bright – when powered.

Will [insert component here] fit in the M1? I will be keeping my EVGA 2070 XC Ultra from my current build which is a triple slot card. Graphics Card Support: Cards up to 280mm long (up to 290mm with front I/O ports removed): Height: up to 140mm at mid-card, 130mm at rear corner; Thickness: up to 3 slots (60mm) Is there a list like this for previous version cards? We test the latest NCASE M1 version with different components, especially switching the PSU and the graphics card. The NCASE M1 might be small, but it supports a 120/240mil radiator mounted on the side, a single slot-type optical drive, a full length graphics card, and 3 storage drives. understated package.With its sleek, subtly-faceted brushed aluminum front panel, the M1 presents a refined, minimalist face to the world. Just ordered the following GPU & PSU for my Hackintosh build: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB FTW GAMING SilverStone Technology 500W SFX-L My question is, will both fit in my NCase M1?

JavaScript is disabled. Bracket adds 1 The M1 started with a simple idea: motivated by the shortcomings of the enclosures that had come before, it set forth to be better in form and function. Mnpctech NCASE M1 Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket.