Oh yeah…and did we mention she’s also one of the richest members of Congress?Nancy Pelosi owns about $20 million worth of real estate spread throughout nine properties. While she’s comfortable creating content of all kinds, her passion for all things pop culture drove her to a career in Entertainment writing. In addition to the stone wall, Pelosi also has a fence and a stream of water from the nearby Napa River to act as a moat around her land. The 36-unit building also comes equipped with a swanky rooftop swimming pool.A quick search for Nancy Pelosi house photos often shows a picture of a massive mansion located at 2724 Pacific Avenue in San Francisco. Combined with her husband, that number is anywhere between $42.8 million and $236.2 million. We’re talking granite countertops, maple cabinetry and a marble tub in the master bath.
The affluential Georgetown neighborhood of DC is known for housing some famous political figures – and Nancy Pelosi is one of them. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday she is calling lawmakers back to session this week to vote on a bill that would bar changes to the U.S.

When she’s not busy going tit-for-tat with Donald Trump, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi settles in at her classy DC home. Additionally, Pelosi earns a minimum of $5,000 worth of grape sales annually from her private vineyard.Born on March 16, 1940, the veteran congresswoman is 79 years old as of the date this article was published. They also invested in several fortune 500 companies including Yahoo, eBay, Visa, Disney, and Apple, to name a few. There are also some shots of the front gate with a long winding road that leads up to her estate. However, as Napa County Deputy Planning Director John McDowell said, “They did enough to activate the permit…The ball is in their court to pursue the rest of the construction project.” They have yet to do so. The House Minority Leader originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Nestled just north of Napa and sitting directly across from the Napa River, Pelosi is living in the lap of luxury. She’s the first-ever woman to hold that title and she is an avid member of the Democratic party. In 2000, her daughter Alexandra worked as a journalist who once covered the Republican presidential campaigns. Nancy met Paul during their college years. The first woman in U.S. history to hold this position, Pelosi is the highest-ranking female elected official in … Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi talks with Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, before his heart-wrenching testimony to the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Police Brutality & Racial Profiling. Most recently, she’s dominated news headlines for her impeachment inquiry against President Trump. As of 2015, she is deemed the fourth-richest Californian in Congress. Postal Service amid fears over delayed ballots. On top of that, Pelosi and her husband have invested in high-end commercial real estate that have earned them a bundle of dough. With two floors of living space, Nancy Pelosi house DC has been renovated with all the essentials. That price tag seems like pennies compared to what it’s worth today.

Her nine-year-old granddaughter, Bella, eagerly jumped for joy as she watched her Grandmother get sworn in.Carissa is a freelance writer from Boston. Another property owned by Pelosi reportedly rakes in $50,000 annually in rent from residents.

Following in their mother’s footsteps, at least two of Pelosi’s children have had careers that involved politics.

A quick search for Nancy Pelosi house photos often shows a picture of a massive mansion located at 2724 Pacific Avenue in San Francisco. There are also two fireplaces and a pool in the backyard for entertaining guests. How’s that for shocking?

Even with her busy schedule as a politician, Nancy Pelosi still found time to raise a family. She eventually moved to San Francisco where she further pursued her career. The wall isn’t very tall and not much different than any other house you would see in the area. The “Paul Pelosi Family Trust” is the registered owner of the home. While living in California can be relaxing, Pelosi is all about business when she jets off to Washington. The huge home can be seen towering over a very tall white wall that encloses the property. Nancy Pelosi house photos are nearly impossible to find, but thanks to Google Maps, exterior photos of Nancy Pelosi’s house in Napa Valley reveal a good bit.

There was a popular meme that made its rounds around the internet claiming that this was the home of Pelosi. This home was once San Francisco’s most expensive home on the market, valued at nearly $30 million. They purchased the unit for $650,000 in 1999 from Pelosi campaign donor Paul Seagram.The top-notch property is known for its tight security, so its no wonder why Pelosi likes it there. Sounds like a good investment to us.