The MrCool DIY Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump takes a previously impossible task, and makes it achievable by pretty much anyone. - Ask the Expert Episode 225 They don’t stock the units and the salespeople are not knowledgeable on mini split systems. - Ask the Expert Episode 224 Track your purchase & get help with missing, damaged, or incorrect orders.You get free Lifetime tech support for every product you purchase at Ingrams.Find a licensed contractor to install your equipment purchased from Ingrams.Information on product recalls and other important service alerts.Are All MrCool Products DIY? Tape should come with the DIY unit, though.Copyright © Just ask them in the comments below or on So thank you for that. - Ask the Expert Episode 227 I don't suppose you guys have any fabulous I'm sorry, but we don't. All the other products, the Advantage, the Olympus, the Oasis, they are not do it yourself.They are conventional products that you need to charge and vacuum. ), and some critical (SEER rating) appears to be missing.Bottomline: I cannot find the specs page, where all this useful data should be listed.

Every air conditioning system on the planet uses coolant, and most use chemical coolant. As long as you can wield a few basic tools and handle a measuring tape, you can install your own MrCool DIY unit.And if you ever get stuck, you can always refer to our helpful For questions about becoming a reseller or representative call Can I Use MrCool Quick Connect Line Set with Other Brands? The answer is no. Most also have more detailed specifications of interest to the User, listed in the installation manuals. MRCOOL has a series of products called DIY, but that is not all of MRCOOL.

The information you need to be sure your family is breathing healthy. And that means we want to hear from you. - Ask the Expert Episode 125Have more questions? A-12-HP-WMAH-230, A-12-HP-C-230. Where is the specs page?looking to select a unit. 2014-2020 Should I Use an Infrared Thermometer to Measure Air from a Vent? But you answered my exact question. Installing a unit you bought off the shelf is not as difficult, but it’s no walk in the park either. NOTICE: MRCOOL ® products must be installed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal codes and regulations. The MRCOOL Advantage condenser and wall mounted air handler is an ideal combination of superior product quality, energy efficiency, quiet operation, and financial value. How may I contact your company to speak to someone about this?Hello and hope all is well. And there are no MRCOOL multi-zone DIYs or any other kind of multizone do-it-yourself products that we know of. The main difference is that the DIY comes with pre-charged line sets and the others do not.Why is it that some condensers have a 5 year warranty and the DIY enhanced models only have a 2 year warranty?Hi there, we just purchased or 12000 BTU unit and just looking for specifications about extreme temperatures to store before we install. They’re great for cooling down kitchens, sun rooms, new additions to an existing home, or for making a garage or shop bearable in cold winter weather without the necessity of installing ductwork.The most important components of the MrCool DIY that makes it designed for amateur installation are the precharged ‘Quick Connect’ linesets. Rely on our helpful generator research. The condenser incorporates a high performance compressor with eco-friendly, chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant.