From the animation team behind Big Hero 6 and Sherlock Holmes, this beautiful and mesmerising animation explores the world behind dreams in … HOW-TO MAKE BOO! At the start of the film, he is CEO of Monsters, Inc., the job having been in his family for three gener ation s, though he has a much more sinister plot in store and serves as the secondary … She is Mike's girlfriend and the recep tioni st for Monsters, Inc.. —Ja mes Coburn as Henry J. Waternoose III – A crab-like monster with five eyes. Monsters Inc Toys FUN

Monsters Inc. BOO Play-Doh Surprise Egg Tutorial with Sully! Dreambuilders Film Trailer - Inside Out meets Monsters Inc. DREAMBUILDERS is a Pixar-esque movie full of heart and magic as we follow a young girl who can control dreams.