However, it's not always the best choice, and temporary solutions can be ideal under certain circumstances. When lampshade shopping, you should familiarize yourself with general sizing guidelines and have some idea what you are looking for. But before we jump into measurements, take a moment to refresh on lamp anatomy. As you can see from this example the lamp shade frame is sitting on top of the shade carrier therefore, the base of the lamp shade frame finishes sitting approximately 2 inches below the bulb holder. Size of the Lampshade. This reducer ring can easily be removed to convert it back to the 45 mm hole size simply by un-clipping it.The lamp shade carrier on the left has the reducer ring fitted and the one on the right is without the A duplex ring fitting is 11 cm in diameter and is in the center of a lampshade. A proper fit for a ring is essential. Another reason for the duplex ring fitting is so you can have the lampshade hanging from the ceiling with a spider fitting.© Premier Lampshades 2020 - e-commerce web design by Stay up to date with all things Premier Lampshades by joining our newsletter. Make sure you are shopping for the right type.Look for a shade that fits the lamp’s style as well as its size. A square lamp, for example, needs a square shade, while a pale tan lamp will not look right with a dark lampshade.Measure the height of the lamp, from the base to the bottom of the socket cap that the bulb sits in.

Although the rules for lampshade fitting can help you find the shade that best matches your lamp, remember that taste trumps convention.

Choose a shade with a bottom width that is within 2 inches of the lamp height. She holds an Associate of Applied Science in accounting, having graduated summa cum laude. Shade carriers sit onto table lamps and act as a cradle, so that a lampshade can simply sit on top of it. If the lamp does not have a harp, choose a shade that is three-quarters the height of the lamp base.

Another reason for the duplex ring fitting is so you can have the lampshade hanging from the ceiling with a spider fitting.

It’s OK to break decorating rules if you find a look you really love.Examine your lamp to determine what type of shade fitting you need. Eleven- to 12-inch-diameter bases call for a 19- or 20-inch-diameter shade bottom and larger lamps need a shade with a bottom diameter of 20 to 22 inches.Check the height of the shade for the proper dimensions. Also it is easier to lift it off its base for cleaning etc. Not all lampshades require a shade carrier. I bought a lampshade from Ikea which wouldn't fit on a normal bulb. So it has to fit the place and occasion, complement without overwhelming, and draw just enough attention to be noticed. If your lamp shade has a fringe you may want to use a taller carrier dependent on the length of the fringe.Most new lamp shade bases are now fitted with the larger European 45 mm bulb holders. Some shades clip onto the bulb, while others sit underneath the bulb and some sit on top of a washer and are secured by a finial. There are various sizes to choose from depending on the size of your lampshade. Some have the correct fitment already on the frame, so just go straight onto the table lamp. The same shade works for both. Check the amount of clearance between the shade and the bulb to make sure you aren’t creating a fire hazard. The reason some lampshades are made with this size of fitting is so you can have the lampshade sitting higher or lower on its base.

E27 sockets are larger. This will leave the lamp shade sitting around two inches below the bulb holder ensuring the bulb holder can’t be seen, leaving your lamp shade sitting perfectly on your base.From the above example the measurement is around 7 inches therefore I would use a 5 or 6 inch lamp shade carrier.In the example above the lamp shade carrier used is 5 inches tall. The small screw type socket called "Small Edison Screw" or "E14" You might encounter a lighting fixture with shade using a bayonet type socket called "B22" especially ceiling lights. E14 and B22 sockets are of the same external diameter. How to use a lamp shade plastic reducer ring for a Euro 45 mm light fitting. The lampshade should echo the style, shape and color of the lamp, complementing it rather than contrasting it. Often, this is the safest, most permanent option. A 10-inch floor lamp base needs a shade with a bottom diameter of 18 inches. Too tight and it's uncomfortable and hard to remove. The rules for floor lamps are different: The width of the bottom of a floor lamp’s shade is determined by the diameter of the lamp’s base. To do this you will need to place the lamp shade on a flat surface. Floor lamps should have a shade that is 10 to 13 inches high.Place the shade on the lamp and check the distance between shade and bulb. Next take a tape measure or ruler and measure the distance between the duplex ring and the flat surface the lamp shade is sitting on. A simple design that saves buying a whole new lampshade.