Join over 4200 members and subscribe to our email newsletters for betta fish care tips, betta fish fun and a free betta fish care book. Flare Sunny Sunshine Goldie. Rosaleen: In Irish, it is known to mean “little rose”.Perhaps your little red Betta is your own little rose. For Red bettas.

For White Bettas. There are many different types of names ranging from normal, "human" names to cute, funny and other names. As well as writing, David has helped over 50,000 people choose the best name for their pet. 3. betta tankHere is a picture of my tank in my fish I have actually created a divider so that I can have three different set ups for three different beta fish and 110 gallon set up. If you’re still looking for more inspiration, make sure to also take a look at Betta Fish Names and Goldfish Names!

Ghost Spirit Whisp. This name generator will generate 10 names, which will generally fit most types of smaller fish, but many will also fit larger fish, like sharks, as well as some water mammals, like dolphins. Domesticated (pet) betta fish are more aggressive than in the wild because of years of selective breeding for fish fighting. Blooooop! Japanese Betta fish names July 10, 2017. They have a labyrinth bladder, allowing them to take air from the above the waters surfaceBetta fish who do not use their labyrinth bladder can fall ill (which can be life threatening) – so always make sure there is a gap at the top of your tank for your fish to breathe from the surfaceBetta fish can be taught tricks such as taking food from your hand, going through a hoop and following a laser penBetta fish can recognize their owner and if they see the fish food tub they will know its feeding timeA betta’s natural habitat is a shallow stream or rice paddyBetta fish should not be kept in tiny containers or vases – people often thank that because they come from shallow streams they can be kept in tiny tanks, this is wrong, shallow streams still have huge areas for the betta to swim.

All of us want our beloved pets to have unique names, don’t we? So here are a few suggestions for your cute pets… Naming any of our pets is quite a task, but it is fun anyway. Your fish is really unique and we want to make sure, that its eccentric essence is captured by one of these names: Ivy: Can mean faithfulness – if you think you have the most trustworthy Betta around, this might be a top choice. 2. References.

Betta Fish Names. These names would also work for other red under-the-sea creatures, a crab or a lobster could be named ‘Ruby’ anyday!Our favorite is Strawberry, a juicy, fruit-inspired Betta fish name for any red fish in your tank.If you are looking for a unique Betta fish name, then you’ve come to the right plaice…We see them all of these unique names as very fitting names for any pet fish not just a Betta!Regardless, these unique fish names are beautiful and will never become tired or forgettable, These interesting monikers range in their uncommonness, however, one thing they do have in common is that they all have a meaning that is related to water in some way.Maybe you even found the perfect name for your Betta fish?Let us know, in the comments area, which of these Betta Fish Names was your favorite and even tell us any more you may have thought of.If this list has inspired you to possibly get a Betta fish of your own, then we say ‘CARPe Diem’! Names from the Greek & Roman Myths. Geisha (female Japanese dancers, singers and artists) Kinnaree (a character in Thai folk dance played by women that is half woman/half bird) Lakhon (a type of Thai dance performed by women in elaborate costumes) Maiko (a Geisha apprentice) Prima Donna (the lead female opera singer) Dragon Names for Betta Fish.

Betta fighting was once a sport in Thailand (Siam) where betting took place over the winner much like cock fighting.
We have Betta fish names for a Betta fish of every color and type; from red to blue and crowntail to veiltail; we have you covered. I want to redo it though so that the tank is split up in half instead of just having it split up in the three because it’s less water. Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, although we doubt we’ll see any of these creatures in a boxing ring anytime soon! Pet fish name generator . You need to find them names that will suit their personality and maybe even add to it! Or you might be looking for some really different animal names, like snake names!

We’ve published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find that perfect name. Ocean Moby Wave Barracuda Shark Mo Charlie Chas. / We Suggest Adorable Names for Your Delicate Darling Betta Fish. Stealth Lurker. Are you a little betta fish crazy?

4. David is the pet lover behind My Pet's Name.

For Blue Bettas.

For Yellow Bettas. Cherry Blaze Firedragon Dragon Drago Splash Gladiator Rocky Scorpion Flash Max Bingo Sparky Mr Fin. Your fish are your darlings, aren’t they?

You’ve got your Nemos and your Dorys but we’ve got 198 other names to give you some fishy inspiration! He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, holds two degrees and has studied Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare. Have you been surfing the web all day trying to find If you have never picked a name for a pet before, and maybe feel like a fish out of water, then we’re here to help.We have Betta fish names for a Betta fish of every color and type; from red to blue and crowntail to veiltail; we have you covered.They are popular for their varied and bright colors, so whichever shade of the rainbow is your favorite, there will probably be a Betta fish out there for you.Take a look below at this list of Betta fish names:We can often make ourselves laugh by imitating the way they open and close their mouths – it’s even funnier if a human does it!If you have a pair of fish, then why not give them funny, complementary names?If you’re looking for a single funny Betta fish, however, then look no further than the list below:Any of these names make the perfect Betta Fish Names We have a fiery array of vibrant red Betta names for any fish in your tank.From the bright orange hair of both Ariel and Ed Sheeran, to various, beautiful shades of red, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.There is no end to the amount of special, unique and individual names for a red fish.