It's so special to us, especially during tough times, like rush and competitions. Anything involving ritual is closed.

We use it at EVERY RITUAL meeting(every other week), EVERY initiation(each semester), EVERY YEAR at our national convention, EVERY YEAR at our regional conventions, I think you get the idea.As I said, I really didn't mean to offend anyone. Beta Theta Pi Originally posted by Manders: I agree. hand he placed his pointing finger discreetly on my wrist, other than that it looked like a normal handshake. I'm sure everyone has something special and bonding elsewhere between it's fellow members.MandingoNupe--at first I wanted to laugh, but then I just shook my head. That is a very common handshake, a large number of college fraternities, the one I was a member of included, use that same handshake as their

Fraternity Mission: To Develop Men of Principle for a Principled Life.

The only time I've ever seen where you had to do it, was going to watch an initiation. Wow, you guys must not do ritual meetings all that often. Click a state or province on the map to filter the list below. Damn, so much tension these days...must be the weather!Ok, becuase I am the one who brought it up, I will appolagize if anyone took offense for my remark (although I think I said it was not ment to be an offense against anyone). I was puzzled, but thought that it was What the OP describes is much like the Beta Theta Pi handshake, except the Beta handshake involves two fingers. Don't BGLO's have secret handshakes?I like to use the secret handshake when I meet brothers from different chapters. I know, I know — you saw the title and had the same reaction you have every time you cross paths with these letters: “Beta? but could not find a reference to that particular one, anyone here have a clue what it was? Intellectual Growth… You're right. Did I miss something, I thought this was just a topic on handshakes? Whether its grips, songs, steps, or mottos, everyone puts different values and pride towards each one. Fraternity Vision: Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values. There's no need to use it for chapter. Just becuase we do something all the time, doesn't make it right for your organization. I understand where Corbin is coming from, but on the real, it's all about what your org really is and the principles it was founded upon. Really, we're getting to the point of childishness. No one did come flat out and say my way is better but people did say things like: Mandingo...i was laughing my behind my sorority (Delta Sigma Theta)the grip is not a challenge. No one is better than the other, and there are so many different things that go on in BGLOs as opposed to OTHER fraternities and sorrorities. So Corbin, what would you like us to call orgs that are predominantly white? I don't know how you couldn't know your grip. Mine does have one and although we may not use it everyday, we use it. It reminds us why we love each other, and helps us focus on the reason why there is AGD in the first place. There is nothing sinister in this fact as Please, there is no way in the world any Self respecting NUPE, Kappa, Alpha, Omega, Sigma, Iota would even think about not knowing thier respective grips. Even if you don't use it often, I would think it would come back to you when you used it.I'M LMAO! Are you still there? Should we just stick to calling a pre-dom.