She wears a light pink dress that matches her hair. Shu's actions save the world from the Virus, but Gai is killed in the process.

Her reincarnated body is very beautiful and holds a strong resemblance to Inori. Her hair is parted in the middle and the front strands of her hair are tied. Keido explains that Inori was created to provide a physical body for Mana's soul so she could give birth to a new human race once the present population was destroyed by the Apocalypse Virus. A dying Gai explains to Shu that he helped Da'ath so Mana could fulfill her cursed role as the Fourth Apocalypse's Eve. Upon coming across a heavily infected Inori, Shu embraces her and activates his Void to absorb all traces of the Apocalypse Virus into himself. At times in the flashbacks she wears a white uniform and a pink winter coat. As Gai battles Shu with Mana's void, she starts the Fourth Apocalypse worldwide; encasing everyone into crystals, only to be stopped when Inori's spirit comes to help Shu defeat Gai. It is later shown that Mana had tricked him into shooting himself as the bullet backlashes and hits him in the stomach. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world!

Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! When asked about similarities between Shu and When asked what circumstances led to his involvement, Redjuice responded that the production staff's illustrators and animators felt that his concept art exhibited a sense of compatibility with the final product.New York Anime Festival screened the first two episodes of The series received mixed critical reaction. In episode 21, as the last of Inori's mind is wiped away, she starts singing Euterpe. Mana, in a frightening state tells him that she wants to marry him. Shu then extracts Inori's Void and destroys the attacking Endlaves. Shu's repressed memories suddenly return, causing him to remember how Mana was the first to be infected by the virus, and her mental breakdown resulted in the events of Lost Christmas. Mana and Shu had discovered the body of a young boy washed up shore on the beach, unconscious and with bruises covering his body.

(Topic ID: 698751) With the virus finally eradicated, the GHQ Tower collapses and everyone escapes. But, Why would Inori offer Shu the same Cat's Cradle Pattern that his sister would offer him? Before the events of the main story, on December 24, 2029, a biological hazard known as the Apocalypse Virus brought on by an Upon deciding to join Funeral Parlor, Shu begins to fall in love with Inori, who bears a striking resemblance to his late sister, Mana. Shu arrives at the church not soon after and sees Triton bleeding on the floor. At times in the flashbacks she wears a white uniform and a pink winter coat. Another scene shows Triton, the young Gai confront Mana and tells her that those who are infected with the virus become crazy and different, noticing the changes in Mana's personality. Amidst the chaos, the Anti-Bodies' leader, Shūichirō Keido, seizes control of the GHQ and directs his attention towards wiping out the remains of Funeral Parlor. During the second Lost Christmas, her rebirth was stopped and died with Gai, who had noted before that the reason he fought in Funeral Parlor was to hold a certain woman in his arms. In the making of the series, the staff wanted to make "the next generation of anime with this show." However, he deserts the group after causing the death of a classmate's younger brother during one of his missions. The staff also wanted it to be a "two-season show" regardless of possible difficulties.

The very young Shu simply stares at his sister, not knowing how to react. Shu ultimately injects himself with it before assuming command of Funeral Parlor to rescue Inori and free Japan once and for all. In Episode 17, he lost his right arm which was repl… With the help of his classmates, he breaks through the barricade where they are being pinned down. In Shu's absence, Funeral Parlor attempt to steal from GHQ the meteorite that originally caused the Apocalypse Virus outbreak. Thus, she shows absolute respect and devotion towards him. She gives Triton a box, telling him that it his Christmas present. In her reincarnated form, she wears a black dress with a cut down the middle and a violet skirt.