They have untapped potential waiting to be brought out by research. Yet in many parts of Africa there is considerable scope for producing much better varieties in much better quantities. Graffiti eggplant is about the same size as Italian eggplant with a sweet, less bitter taste. Eggplant is cultivated in temperature climates.

Stir in the chopped basil, and turn off the heat.I paired this garden egg stew/ Nigerian eggplant sauce with fried plantains, but it also goes well with boiled plantains, boiled or fried yams, boiled or fried potatoes, and even rice.Yes.

And there is even potential for exporting African eggfruits to Europe and North America and earning some hard currency.One study (in Java, where these African eggplants are known) showed that 35-60 percent shade does not affect the edible yield of the species.The authors found that the leafy vegetables being most commonly cultivated in Dar es Salaam were: leaf amaranths, sweet potato leaves, pumpkin leaves, cassava leaves, cowpea leaves, Swiss chard, chinese cabbage, African kale (Caribbean nations already export African eggfruits to Europe under their local name “anthora.”Yeji market, Ghana. The fruit are versatile and can be eaten raw, boiled, sautéed, or in soups. In this regard, indigenous knowledge on the plant types used in the various countries should be gathered. They're usually greenish in color, but there do come in purple and white.Keep in mind that Thai eggplant has an extremely bitter taste, so it's best to remove the seeds.This gorgeous Italian heirloom is an eggplant you'll want to try out. It can grow from 40-150 cm tall with large coarse leaves. This spacing allows for the vigorous horizontal branching of these deciduous shrubs, which grow 1m tall unpruned.Although less susceptible to disease than many vegetables, the crop isIn this regard, it is notable that when the common purple eggplant first arrived in the United States it was grown for its beauty. Some get to be as imposing as beefy tomatoes; in general, though, they closely emulate chicken or duck eggs in size. As evidenced by poor-person’s crops before it—potato, soybean, peanut, pea, oats, and barley, among them—this mindset can hold back a truly exceptional new food for decades or forever.The garden eggs (like the common eggplant) must be harvested at just the moment when the fruits have developed full size and still remain firm to touch. You can use this type in any eggplant recipe.These tiny, but super cute Indian eggplants are most commonly used in This miniature sized eggplant looks as cute as its name. This is how a purplish blob, looking like no egg seen since perhaps the dinosaurs, came to be misnamed “eggplant.” The interloperIn recent centuries this versatile purplish vegetable has gone global in a big way and is now part of virtually every cuisine. Grubben)species have perfectly edible parts but, despite all the evidence of their safety, people typically fear the worst. Breeders can likely takeadvantage of the advances made in related solanaceous species. And I often use the purple eggplant as its bitterness is not as much as the green and white garden egg…Yam or boiled plaintain are my fav side-dish…welldone!Thanks Anny!I actually like the slight bitterness that the green eggplant adds to the sauce, I think the tomatoes also helps temper the bitterness. I really like the addition of dipping the fried plantains. 5. The dark purple skin is more tender and the inside tends to taste sweeter, but still just as meaty. They contain 2-6 locules and are normally firmly attached to thick fruit stalks that turn downwards.

Garden egg is what the eggplant is natively called in Nigeria and many parts of West Africa. They should be the consistency of crushed tomatoes, only slightly chunky.In a deep saucepan, heat up the palm oil for 2 minutes (be careful not to heat the oil for too long or over high heat, unless the oil will bleach), and gently sauté the onions and scotch bonnet peppers until it is softened and starting to brown ever so lightly on the edges of the onions.Add in the tomatoes, and cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes, or until the sauce thickens, and the oil starts to raise to the top.Add in the mashed eggplant, and continue cooking on low-medium heat for five minutes.Add in the smoked mackerel, dried shrimp, and bullion, stir and continue to simmer on low heat.At this point, taste the stew, and adjust for salt, and if you are like me add some extra dry pepper for a little bit more heat.
The crop is high yielding, easy to grow, and simple to harvest and handle. Good sanitation and crop rotation practices should be used for controlling fungal diseases.
Graffiti eggplant is known for the funky white and purple markings on the outer skin, which unfortunately disappear once cooked. Although eaten as a vegetable, it was actually a small fruit about the size of a hen’s egg. For instance, genetic maps of potato, tomato, peppers, and the common eggplant are available. Indian Eggplant Originally from tropical and equatorial Africa, but widely introduced into Southeast Asia, this species produces a small fruit similar to the eggplant. However, it should not be planted near tomatoes and potatoes as the same pesticides that cause a problem for the other solanaceous plants like tomatoes can cause a problem for the eggplants. The volume describes the characteristics of 18 little-known indigenous African vegetables (including tubers and legumes) that have potential as food- and cash-crops but are typically overlooked by scientists and policymakers and in the world at large. Although eaten as a vegetable, it was actually a small fruit about the size of a hen’s egg. A member of the Solanaceae, or Nightshade, family, eggplant grows to a range of sizes. They have a long storage life (up to three months) and transport well.