we both on the right page… movies can’t keep getting bigger and bigger, like skyscrapers trying to outdo each other.love me some JK Simmons, too bad it doesn’t look like he’ll be in it much though.

A good way around this is to pinpoint certain characters as being the funny ones and give them the funny lines. Unfortunately, we don’t get any definitive answers. They have 20 times more chances than everyone else. Maybe Margot can.That was my first thought, “Can Margot even Ice skate”?I read somewhere that Margot plays on an amateur hockey team. I’ve always thought this story would make for an effective cinematic experience…was hoping everyone would forget about it until I had time to write it…haha! When Tonya reached her teens, she was the only female American in figure-skating history who could pull off the triple-axel. Who came up with this “every four years” idea anyway?

Then I realized oh, nice, it is for the hearing impaired.

If anyone has this script, please send it my way!

It should be noted that Kerrigan, though she got all the sympathy in the world from this incident, ultimately showed herself to be too unpleasantly entitled to become the marketing juggernaut- the new Dorothy Hamill- that everyone thought she would be. It was quickly followed by the OJ trial and blowjobgate.But it was when a lot of people are getting their news from TV and not the internet, because there was no internet.

Imagine Carl and Gaear from Fargo but 200 times dumber. Not that she really looks like Tonya Harding, I’d rather look at Margot Robbie for two hours than Tonya. ).The Olympics that year were held in Lillehammer, Norway, and the obsession of the American media on this articular tabloid story was maybe the first time I realized how strange US culture was.
Maybe a biopic about Wes Craven?

And I’d always love a good Sandra Bullock comedy :)If Hollywood had a touch more imagination or didn’t exist inside its own bubble with no idea of the world outside, they might think of my favorite comedian Sara Pascoe as Barbie:I’ve seen her live and i tell ya, she sort of plays herself down, but she is stunning. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Any thoughts?As long as the text is just different colors, I think people can handle reading different colors. I mean yeah, that may have made sense back in 1608 when it took 4 years for everyone to actually travel to each Olympic host country. In fact, I would find it incredibly interesting to be able to see the changes and what was from an older version.You might already know this, but for those who don’t, it’s not like a word document where you can see the tracked changes. Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content. This would be interesting if you had someone who is know for one SPECIFIC event. I worked in the Portland, Oregon tv market when Tonya was around. Thanks in advance!

I’m sure I could do some digging on the internet, but I’ve got less than half a month to finish ((AND PASS)) these 4 classes! Watching the competition was interesting. Now get back to work – you’re a quarter-finalist this weekend.Has anyone cracked open the new Duffield? You’re a star :)Who else thinks Margot Robbie and Amy Schumer should switch roles?The strange thing is some people are saying, why shouldn’t Schumer play a fat Barbie? Makes total sense. He knows how people talk, he knows how the camera moves, etc.The tag to this story is that neither won the Olympic Gold. For some reason I didn’t receive it. I mean, of course they win 8 medals. What I learned: If you’ve got a great scene or great character in mind, but they don’t fit into your original vision for the script, rethink your vision so you can get them in there. Just recollections of events peppered with lots of interview interjections.