A word of advice, DON’T DO THAT!The end will malform and you’ll never get out through the steering tube. Tighten the nut in place.Grease the cable through the newly installed grease fitting with a grease gun, using the marine grease recommended by the steering system manufacturer.Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. i have an 86 mercury classic 50 hp. You wont be able to use a 1/2″ socket cheater bar. Should it prove to be a keeper, I’ll replace that tilt tube with a stainless steel one to help prevent future corrosion!Here are a few items that can help you with your tilt tube project. You should now be able to pull the inner cable end out the port side. ), maybe with a block of wood over it so you do not damage it. Then grease it all up and re-assemble.edit: you have to undo the silver nut that holds the cable to the engine. How do you unfreeze the steering. 1998 Maxum 1900 XR with... 1998 Maxum 1900 XR with a 120hp Force outboard. Show Less. Is there anything that one can do to unfreeze the steering cable, or must the cable be replaced? that the steering cable seems to be frozen..i un-hooked the steering arm and the motor turns fine....can;t seem to get the cable rod out of the housing on the motor...its a skeeter bass boat 15'4"...it was sitting a long time...please help...info on a...If your steering cable is seized, you will have to replace it, these are not repairable. So we had a stuck tilt tube on this outboard as well as a frozen steering rod.I wanted to try to start the engine to get an assessment of how it ran (If it ran). I did a classic mistake and got out the 4 pound hand sledge. Back off the retainer nut on the starboard side as far as it will go on the outer cable, apply heat with a propane torch to the tilt tube, and tighten the port side nut as tight as you can. You can get a smaller splash well boot for just the cable. What you’ll need to do is get a section of PVC pipe that will fit over the wrench. Support the engine to unload the tube and feed the new one through. Cut it to about two feet and that should give you enough leverage too work both sides of the tilt tube … Another problem this will cause is flattening the end and crushing the hole that the Steer rod linkage connects too. I say original because nowhere on all the posts or web sites I had been on had anyone recommended this.

At this point I re-installed the zerks and gave it a hefty shot of grease. So you can remove the steering rod that is left in the motor now and route the new cable through the hole. Hopefully, giving the penetrating oil a chance to better penetrate into the rusted mess inside.Consequently, I to give up on the vice grips. Just uncovered it from the winter and the steering is stuck when turning the wheel. You can heat it all you want. That’s when we found out that the engine would not drop from the up position. Remove the steering arm from the tube and sand it with extra fine sandpaper.Clean any hardened marine grease from the inside of the tube by spraying the inside of the tube with a penetrating lubricant. I have had to resort to using a large drill bit to get it clean. There was a stuck tilt tube, To aggravate matter even more, the steering was completely froze up so that the engine could not be moved from side to side. Cut the cable on the attaching side and bang it out the opposite way. Salt spray or water will eventually penetrate the steering tilt tube--the steering link arm, where many steering problems begin--and cause rust to begin to accumulate within the tube. Salt spray or water will eventually penetrate the steering tilt tube--the steering link arm, where many steering problems begin--and cause rust to begin to accumulate within the tube.

Thread a piece of extra fine sandpaper into the rod from a firearm bore cleaning kit, attach the rod to a drill and put the tube into a bench vise to hold it tightly.
The other thing I did was heat both ends of the tilt tube, the tilt tube itself and the joints with a Mapp gas torch. I did periodically grab the skeg and use brute force to lift up and push down, which of course did nothing at all.Removing the zerk fittings allowed me to get Free All into the grease cavity there. With all the other maintenance you do on your boat, don't wait until the boat's cable steering begins to tighten up before you lubricate the point where the steering cable interacts with the motor. The next step will be to start the engine and make an overall assessment of it. Once the outer cable has broken free, remove the retainer nut from the port side, and drive the outer cable out of the tilt tube using a block of wood and a hammer.Before installing the new cable, clean the inside of the tilt tube using a wire brush, and replace the grease fitting on the tilt tube.Here is some other info, including how to measure for your new steering cable:Penetrating oil such as Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster or WD 40 may help.How do you think about the answers?