Please help. Since the netting is flimsy, the birds won't be able to grasp it and stay upright.Look into distracting mechanisms. It's troublesome to find birds using your window air conditioner as their stomping grounds or building a nest in your air conditioning unit. Bird droppings are unsightly, carry disease and could even keep your unit from functioning properly. I spend a lot of time in my office, and I have 3 hamsters in here as well that I don't want getting sick! It burns their feet. It's disgusting! Print. Spread bird netting across the window ledge where the air conditioner sits. Their wild counterparts are even more so. Da ist nicht zumachen.I heard on 3 TV that Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap sprayed on your roof works. So I bought it from trader joes and put it in a squirt bottle and squirted away. Last year, we were living in the back bedroom, and this fucking bird kept trying to build a nest on top of the air unit, even though I'd sweep it off every couple hours, for more than a week. Here's a question. How Birds Can Affect Your Air Conditioning System | Air Conditioner Repair in Dallas, TX 6/30/2017. They build nests and make it their home. Birds that are looking for a dry, sheltered place to roost and lay eggs occasionally build nests around window air-conditioning units. Besides the nuisance factor, nesting birds … If there are pigeon droppings on top the my window mounted AC, can the droppings hurt anyone in the house through the air that flows from the AC? Nail it to the ledge with the spirals two-fingers' width apart.

Dear Birds, While I am pleased that you have decided the air conditioner in my bedroom is the perfect place for you to reside, I feel obligated to voice a few concerns on behalf of … My air conditioner is placed on a ledge of a third story building. Look at other bird deterrents such as silver tape, bird spikes or bird gel.Remember that the birds' development period in the nest is short -- only three weeks at the most. Remove any leftover nesting material and cover the holes with pieces of plywood or fine mesh.Fasten a board or piece of cardboard on top of your unit at a 45-degree angle so the birds can't land on top of it. It's getting dreadfully hot now as we approach summer, but I'm afraid to turn my ac on (I know nothing about acs). Use a detergent cleaner and pressure washer to clean surfaces (USE A FACE MASK, GLOVES, and GOGGLES! I got an inexpensive one at the garden shop at Wal-Mart.If you want a quick way to deal with the problem of nesting pigeons, salt will deter them from landing. A child's metal spiral toy works in the same way. If i do, will it harm the babies? The spirals don't provide a sturdy enough landing place for the birds.Stretch bird netting 1 inch higher than the entire air conditioner if it doesn't interfere with the functionality of the unit. Email. This is a guide about keeping birds away from air conditioners. If you find a nest in your unit, be patient until they are through with the hatching process. Eliminate any pieces of the nest after the young birds take flight and take immediate measures in preparation for spring of next year.There are laws against harming birds, so don't use any force against them.Jill Davis started writing professionally in 2006. It wasn't a big deal at first, but the birds are very loud and annoying, and I know they can spread diseases, as well. I live in Phoenix and a lot of people put a fake owl on their air conditioner to keep … It’s not a good idea to have birds nesting on or in your home for many reasons. Last week, the team of K&S Heating and Air, received a complaint for a window AC unit, that kept shutting down with a “thud” noise, before it could even start the cooling cycle. Birds have nested between the ledge and the ac (under it). Follow. These are available at Ace Hardware but you can probably find a lot of fake owls around.Had a similar problem at my home and solved it by placing an artifical owl close by.

Davis received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from California State University, Long Beach. I have raised domestic pigeons for many years. This will prevent the birds from landing. The suggestion to wire off their access to various areas is a good one. I live in Phoenix and a lot of people put a fake owl on their air conditioner to keep the pigeons away. Screens work well, although if not done properly can be aesthetically ugly.Avoid tracking the crap residue inside your house where kids might play. The side of our house gets so dirty because of their droppings. They are smart and resourceful. The sun's reflection off the silver scares birds away.

When they land on the angled side, they will slide off.Spread bird netting across the window ledge where the air conditioner sits. The birds seem to be afraid of the owl. My husband and I moved here 8 months ago and there's been a nest next to the AC unit in my office window since before we got here.