Storage Stairs: Casa Collection is launching a new line of space-saving loft beds for adults with loads of storage and cabinetry space, as well as desks and daybeds. I’m glad you like our bed and thanks for stopping by! This could mean finally getting that chic home office setup you’ve been dreaming of or Here you’ll see 15 fantastic loft bed ideas that show how versatile these designs can be in terms of size, style, and structure.The cozy bed above looks fresh out of a ski chalet or a Scandinavian home. In fact, loft beds with desks were around $1,000…YIKES!It’s safe to say she was a little excited about her new bed!To get started, we cut the four 2x4x8’s and four 2x6x8’s to 80″ in length. Easy and Strong 2x4 & 2x6 Bunk Bed: I’ve built a lot of these bunk beds in the past and recently built one for my own home. Kitchn is a source of inspiration for a happier, healthier life in your kitchen.If you think loft beds are reserved only for kid’s rooms or shared spaces, it’s time to reconsider. Do you think there will be any issues with supporting a larger bed / area?I’m not sure of the max, but I can tell you that my husband and kids have been up there together…so we’ve probably had at least 350 lbs up there Sooo cute! I do have a question regarding the mattress… we have an “old school” twin sized innerspring mattress plus a memory foam topper, so it is about 8 1/2″ total in height; would you suggest using 2×10’s instead of 2×8’s around the top where the mattress goes? Everything you need to build it as well as the SketchUp file for you to modify as needed is here. All of the slats are 2×4s with a small rabbet to fit in … The loft bed plans below are perfect for boys, girls, tweens, teens, and even adults! This is a super easy build as the materials are all common construction grade pine and every cut is a 90 degree cut so there are no complicated angles. One furring strip was reserved to be used as ladder rungs.The furring strips were attached with screws by placing them flush to the bottom of the 2×8 frame.For even more support we added 2-1/2″ lag bolts with washers to each post corner.Although not necessary, since there should be enough room for the mattress to fit, we recessed the lag bolts.Three 2x4x8’s were cut into six 39″ pieces and placed across the frame for mattress support about 12″ apart.They were attached with screws to the furring strips.Utility plywood was used for mattress support since we were using a foam mattress. Building your own loft bed allows you to create exactly what you want. A simple illustrated plan such as this makes bunk bed building easy for you. !If you are short on space, but looking for a fun and functional bed for your child, everyone will LOVE this loft bed with built-in desk.When it comes to kids there’s no question…everyone wants the top bunk! We used 8 screws per post.The 2x8x8’s were cut into two 42″ pieces and two 75″ pieces.To start assembling the bed frame, we first attached two end posts using a 2×8 cut at 42″. The reserved 2x2x8 furring strip was cut into 15″ pieces to be used for the ladder rungs.We used four rungs placed 12″ apart with the top one being placed 12″ down from the top of the bed frame.To make the railing six 1x4x8’s were cut into four 42″ pieces, two 60″ pieces, and two 77″ pieces.We placed the top rail flush with the top of the posts and then placed the lower rail half way between the top rail and the bed frame.They were attached by screwing them to the inside of the posts.We attached a piece of finished plywood under the bed to create a nice “ceiling” under the loft.The plywood was cut at 36″ x 72″ and was attached to the 2×4 mattress supports above it using finish nails.The small bookcase was built using 1x10x8’s. This DIY wall-to-wall bunk bed plan is of a good sturdy build that is ready to take the weight of even two adults on the top bunks. Our specialty is Wardrobes, Shoe Cabinets, Folding Bed, Vanity Set, Day Bed, Bunk Bed at low prices. The right end of the back board will meet the large bookcase frame once the desktop is installed.We made a divider to “contain” the area where the desktop met the large bookcase shelf by cutting a scrap of 1×10 into a 12″ piece and attaching with 1-1/4″ screws under the third shelf.The remaining section of desktop above the small bookcase was attached using construction adhesive and 1-1/4″ screws from under the top shelf like shown in the photo above.After the loft bed with desk and storage was completely assembled, we painted it with It’s safe to say that my daughter absolutely LOVES her new bed!I hope this post helps you to build the DIY loft bed and desk of your (or your son or daughter’s) dreams!Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below Hello, I was wondering, what is the height of your ceiling and how much space is there between the top of the mattress and the ceiling? This design offers ample storage space. This collection of king and queen size loft beds is an excellent alternative to the Murphy bed, utilizing the space below and adding to the functionality of a small living area. We’re designing a loft bed for our son and I want there to be enough room for us to sit up there comfortably to read books at night.