Sid, trying to put some distance between himself and Diego, attempted to speak to Manny but Manny would not listen, leaving the sloth behind him. He found some kids playing, but they got scared and hid. Manny, Sid and Diego surprised at Ellie's response.Sid and Diego both chased the possums on until they ran for cover behind a mammoth that Manny was talking to. Sid, still sliding, crashed directly into a wall of ice, followed by Diego and finally by Manny, who had caught the baby and who had brought the entire wall of ice down, coating them all with snow. Unaware of it, the three baby dino eggs hatched before Sid could get up. Hurrying back to the mud crater, Sid jumped back in, expecting to find the two she-sloths but instead found Carl and Frank, soaking in the mud and angered once more upon finding Sid again. After the sliding, Manny, Sid and the baby sat quietly, exhausted from the sliding and Diego alone ecstatically called out for a "round two" of sliding before sobering up and quietly asking them to tell the baby to be more careful. Diego jeered that he could see how they looked up to him, to which Sid, still tripped up, angrily stated that neither Manny or Diego ever believed he could do anything. The three worked out a plan, with Sid as the bait, luring the sabers away with a decoy baby made of snow, wrapped in the baby's bundles. The three mammals slid on until they reached a massive pointed pillar of ice, which Sid called out as an iceberg. After spending a short amount of time with him, Brooke proposed, and Sid accepted. He decided he'd make his own herd. Noting the mini-sloths' advanced understanding of the meltdown, Sid bargained to be spared, claiming that together, they might find a solution. He was famous as Sloth in The Goonies - Hey you guys! Disappointed, Sid followed Manny and Ellie to their After Ellie told Manny to go talk to Diego, and they were done talking, Sid went to Diego and said that it was just the two of them now.

Manny stepped forward on the already-crumbling ledge and managed to throw Diego off to safety on the other side while the mammoth himself fell into the lava pits as he stood on the already-breaking chunk of ice. He ends up learning how to swim in the water after using Sid's earlier demonstration relating swimming techniques to hunting prey and saves Sid, Crash, and Eddie from drowning. At that moment, the three heard a loud trumpeting coming from the forests, and Manny, ecstatic that he had found another mammoth, rushed into the woods to find the other mammoth, taking Sid and Diego with him. As they settled in, Sid, having found a piece of chalk, picked it up and drew an image of a sloth on the rock wall, intending to put sloths “on the map”. He lead them and Sid's fur got poofy after a electrical storm came through the forest. Having been moved by this, Sid wiped his nose and rubbed it off on Diego before they left the cave. Buck saved a pumpkin and named it Brooke had to stay in Geotopia, making Sid sad. Once when they spot the cave, the group all sees the water rushing from a distance. Momma, hearing Sid sing to the babies, took off the rock of the shelter and dropped it when she saw her children. Sid remarked then that he thought Diego would actually eat him, to which the saber replied that he didn't eat junk food, making Sid uneasy as they walked on. Throughout the journey, the three underwent a number of peculiar moments facing the newly-transformed landscape, from the odd massive piece of ice sliding through the land like a train and Sid being thrown back from a giant slab of ice that couldn't maintain his weight, to "modern architecture": a manmade structure someday to be known as Stonehenge.