When mixed, it increases octane.

In fact, in Madison, Wisconsin there is a Shell station that sells 93-octane V-Power with ethanol at most pumps, but which has a single pump, at a higher price, dispensing pure 91-octane gas. Synergy Supreme+ premium gas contains detergent that helps remove deposits – for cleaner fuel injectors, better fuel economy and smoother engine operation. Available only at Exxon™ and Mobil™ stations.It’s the convenient, fast and secure way to pay for fuel, earn points and get rewarded.Earn 25c off every gallon of Synergy™ gasoline for the first two months after account open date, then save 6c off every gallon when you apply and are approved for the ExxonMobil Smart Card by 10/31/20. About us

About us Gas Station City . Since ethanol has less BTU energy than Gasoline, we suffer power/gas mileage loss when it is added to fuel, even though it is oxygenated.

E85 is an alternative fuel supported by many automakers on a wide range of cars. But who cares? Uses for ethanol free gas . In theory, it should never be more than 10% of the soup we know as gasoline.Ethanol is 100+ octane. This website is not compatible with Internet Explorer. With Synergy Supreme+ premium gasoline, you can keep your engine 2X cleaner for better gas mileage. **87 octane containing 10% ethanol is still 87 octane...**

it also carries less BTU's which means you need more of it to produce the same power. Community support Additional products and services There are lots of threads out there where owners added a few extra gallons of e-85 into a non-ethanol vehicle and noticed reduced power and harder starting, as the mixture went past 25%. JavaScript is disabled.

Heh, knock resistance is what my Buick needs, and if E10 has less knock-resisting additives, that means the car knocks more, which means pulled timing, which means more fuel injected to make the same power, which means worse fuel economy.If it rated higher than 87 octane they wouldn't be selling it at a lower price.It's all about the $$$$.Pure ethanol has higher octane than even straight premium gasoline by itself. About us Please use another browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari for a better experience.All website features may not be available based upon your cookie consent elections. Find93.com is completely reliant on user submissions.

I would expect the higher octane fuels to be very similar in percentage. Get a 93 Octane Gas Station on the Map. But as others have noted, ethanol is an "octane booster." Whether it is additives or ethanol, or commonly a mix, we get what the pump says. To tune for ethanol you need larger injectors or a program that lets more fuel thru the injectors on every fire. 93 octane is 93, no matter what means there are to get there. If you know of a station that has 93 octane that isn’t on the map yet, please share it with us, so we can share it with the world. It is typically designated at the pump as REC-90. Yep,they just mix it with lower octane (cheaper) gasoline to get the same 87 octane.

Fuel tips ** Take it from Bob Oakman, legendary monster truck announcer. Our fuel the pure gas has more energy. So that makes sense to me.
10% seems to be a magic number because 10% also seems to be the amount of fuel trim a fuel injection car can compensate for w/o drivability issues, emission spikes CEL's etc. Higher-octane gasoline provides improved performance in vehicles designed to run on premium gasoline.
Gas Station Name. Gas Station Street Address. This is the go to 93 octane finder! The final result is whatever the final result is! But, either way round here it has to be 10% in any blend in the summer and a lesser amount in the winter.Ethanol will increase octane. Frequently asked questions