A water bowl large enough for your snake to fit in to allow a good soaking should be provided at all times. Try moving the mouse in front to the snake to get her interested in the pinky, if not put it in the fridge and try again tomorrow after it has been re-warmed. 2) Try live babys my snakes always refuse to eat the dead ones. Poor husbandry is a major cause of illness among captive snakes.

Just remove any substrate and place the hot mouse near the hide they are in. If your snake is breathing with its mouth open or is wheezing, these are signs of a respiratory problem. A solid latch is necessary to any black rat snake house, as well as some height to the cage to allow your snake climbing room.

I usually feed at dark or just after as that's when they normally go out and hunt.1) it takes alot of work but feed them in a tub or box it makes sure that they dont think that ur hand is food if you open the tank when their hungry. If your snake is nocturnal, you have a better chance of finding the snake when it is on the move during the night.

All of the above are conditions that require treatment by a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles. Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry any substrate material you plan to reuse before putting it back into your snake's enclosure. Discolored skin indicates a possible fungal infection. Rat snakes are hardy snakes and don't require much maintenance once their cage is set up. Rat snakes are constricting snakes, which means they wrap their bodies around their food before eating it to suffocate the prey.

Wait a few more days before trying again. Don't leave it in any longer than 24 hours, and unfortunately you can't re-freeze it once it has been defrosted. If she hasn't eaten it by morning assume she's not hungry and remove it. abby_lela@yahoo.comIt will start to stink by morning.

You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. It should have clear eyes (cloudy eyes are a sign of illness) and no skin discoloration or cuts (which are potential signs of mites, ticks, or injuries). Take this into consideration before you purchase one as a pet. This snake also might vibrate its tail like a rattlesnake when threatened. You might want to cover it with a blanket or towel to keep distractions to a minimum, and give her some quiet time to eat in peace. If you do not succeed the first time feeding your snake pre-killed prey, try slightly moving the food item with a long pair of tongs or a long, smooth stick. Don't use hot rocks, as they can be dangerous and burn your snake. When they get used to the already dead food its not to good if they ever escape and have to try to catch something, you might think it would never happen but even the best snake owners can forget to latch a cage.5) Good luck! I have a corn snake and is the first time im feeding her frozen mice. In the wild they catch and kill live rodents. Under-tank heaters also are not recommended because they make it difficult to regulate the ambient temperature. A lethargic snake is not a healthy snake, though some black rat snakes might try to hide if they're feeling nervous which is normal behavior. However, they more commonly flee from confrontation. Just put the thawed pink inside, put your snake inside, close the lid, and place the cage inside her regular cage. 2) The snakes themselves can be reasonably inexpensive, but buying and setting up the correct equipment for them can be expensive. If you're interested in similar pets, check out:  Moreover, black rat snakes will use their strong, agile bodies to stand their ground and strike when provoked, such as when they’re under attack from a predator in the wild. A healthy snake won't starve itself, she will eat when she gets hungry enough.Yes, but be prepared to remove it at first light if she hasn't eaten ~ pinks decay fast.I would suggest feeding her in a small (escape proof) container. If you're having trouble getting your snake to eat, make sure you serve the pinky to your snake warm - it smells better to the snake and is easier for your snake to sense it. It also help train the snake to not bite the first thing that comes into the cage when she's hungry, which will help avoid most SFEs (Stupid Feeding Errors).A small plastic Kritter Keeper cage is a good choice, they're cheap and fairly rugged. Special reptile If you leave home with her, always keep a container with you that she can be placed in. Im trying with a frozen fuzzy i already thawed it and i put it into the tank. just act like your in the supermarket as a snake shopping for the freshest rat you can rap your whole body around and squeeze to death and swallow whole. In the wild, black rat snakes spend most of their time in heavily wooded areas, so a Once she's finished she will probably poo so take her out, clean her off if necessary (it often is), then put her back in her cage and clean the feeder cage.You can leave it overnight. It's imperative to treat mouth rot; an advanced infection can cause the snake's teeth to fall out. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Sand is not a good substate option because the snake can inhale it, causing respiratory problems. A solid latch is necessary to any black rat snake house, as well as some height to the cage to allow your snake climbing room. Buying a snake as a pet is a long term commitment. But in terms of their health, these snakes are prone to mouth rot, or infectious stomatitis.

Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years, including birds of prey, reptiles, and small mammals.What Plants Are Safe for Your Reptile or Amphibian? Unlike many other snake species, ultraviolet (UVB) lighting is not necessary for black rat snakes. Also, it should be alert and flicking its tongue.