Your budgie's antics will entertain you for sure.

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Each hen lays an average of 5-8 eggs each clutch.

A budgie is a type of parakeet.

The bird with the greatest airspeed velocity is the Sustained ground speed for approximately nine hours with no rest on high tailwinds during an Antarctic storm.The British Broadcast Corporation warns from taking this value too seriously, as the methods employed to measure it have never been published, rendering its verification difficult.The cornell lab of Ornithology - Cornell University

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but he could also just wanted to fly away they can travel pretty far he'll either stay around your house or wander further from it if he cant find food orr doesnt know how to get it himself hell probably come back to but its not possible to tell youll just have to wait and see, but keep an eye out for him Suggestions To Help You Bond With A New Budgie Budgie Mutation Combinations And Additional Pictures Home > General facts about budgies > Daily free flight for budgies: Budgerigars and other birds need a lot of free flight; in fact as much as possible.

They need to be incubated by the mom for 18 days before they will hatch. Wide, shallow cages are better than tall, narrow ones because budgies fly horizontally, not up and down. This feature was given to them by the evolution. Cute Little Birdies Aviary Shipping Information Happy Families Contiunued- Updates On Their Babies

People have been enviously watching birds fly around for hundreds of thousands of years, but until now, no one has apparently noticed that they fly at only two speeds: fast and slow.

To have the best possible chances of recovery, you must spring into action the moment that you discover your bird missing. From Hatching To 8 Weeks- Watch A Baby Grow Up Timing is critical when you are dealing with a fly-away.

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Budgie cages should provide enough room for exercise while birds are confined. If the answer below (4-5 months) is in response to your question on flying, IT IS WRONG.

This person seems to not have a great command of the English language and perhaps meant to say 4-5 weeks.

While I am unsure of their top speed - a paper cited the budgie's most economical, long-distance speed at 42km/h or 26mph. If anyone else has a good answer for this question, please post in the comment section below.I particularly like your post about parakeets being great pets, the vid links are a nice touch!We love pet birds and parrots and can’t wait to help you MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: The information at has not been prepared, endorsed, or reviewed by any form of certified bird expert or licensed veterinary professional. We always give honest opinions and reviews to share our findings, beliefs, and/or experiences. is the noise level decided on the Parrot Comparison chart? Exceptions To The Rule When Sexing Male Budgies Aug 16, 2011: answer to question by: Cassidy parakeets can fly pretty fast if they have all their flight feathers.I cant give you and exact MPH but I can tell you a regular person would not be able to run that fast if the parakeet was flying full force.