This immunity may develop over the life time of the honey badgers due to regular contact with small amounts of venom in snakes, scorpions and bees.

This isn't because there are a shortage of totally awesome, face-rending beasts out there just looking for one good reason to shred your organs with their ultra-sharp claws and then eat your children, or that there aren't plenty of totally-bitchin' "If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you. He's a brutal, vicious killer who kicks asses, never backs down, never registers fear, destroys everything in its path and then adorably trots off into the sunset with his prey in his teeth and the severed nutsacks of his enemies still gripped between his dagger-like claws. He's so fearless that he just doesn't give a crap.

I'll preface the clip by disclaiming that this video is NSFW, but only if your workplace frowns on things that make you so pumped up that you want to run out and start tearing your co-workers' jugulars out with your teeth.For those of you who don't enjoy watching things that are awesome, this video is basically a series of high-quality violence-porn courtesy of the Ratel's chomping jaws. But the snake bite him during the fight and the badger dies. This is one creature you don't want to go balls-out against.Explains why this lion is a little hesitant to face off with a pissed-off Ratel.While chomping balls is fun and all, it's generally not really a good idea to routinely take on predators twice your size if you can help it, so the Honey Badger's primary diet consists of smaller, equally-dangerous creatures that are no less deadly but far more bite-sized. Now, the Puff Adder is one of the most murder-tastic snakes on the entire continent. If the creature is too huge for the Badger to straight-up eviscerate with its inch-and-a-half long claws or its razor-sharp teeth, the Ratel still knows how to go for the weak spot – the balls. He's so tough that the South African army actually named their heavily-armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle after this voracious predator:The Ratel-20 is only somewhat more dangerous than the creature it's named after.It's not every laborador-sized mammal that gets a damned APC named after it, but the Honey Badger isn't your typical member of the Mammalia class. They will catch the larger reptiles like leguaans, crocodiles (1 meter) and pythons (3meters) and include the highly venomous adders, cobras and black mamba in their summer menu. It helps that this thing doesn't screw around when it gets pissed off – the Sir Didimus of wildlife is known to go after anything, anytime, anywhere, and has been known to attack buffalo, humans, wildebeest, jackals, monitor lizards, wild boars, and even lions and cheetahs. More than sixty species of prey were recorded from the southern Kalahari alone. A honey badger bitten on the face by the highly cytotoxic puff adder showed signs of severe pain but recovered fully within five hours (Begg & Begg pers. He killed it by eating its head off. obs.). Honey badgers do appear to have some immunity to snake venoms. He also loves honey (which is where the Honey Badger gets his unfortunately-unbadass name) and bee larvae, but his method of getting to them is just as hardcore as he is – he just jams his face into a beehive, and starts eating the baby bees and honey while a bunch of crazy pissed-off bees stab him in the face with their stingers. In the last couple of weeks, several faithful e-mailers have correctly called me out on the fact that I haven't written about too many badass animals recently.
Larger mammals like the Springhare, polecat and particularly juvenile foxes, jackals, antelope and wild cats, are also caught. This immunity may develop over the life time of the honey badgers due to regular contact with small amounts of venom in snakes, scorpions and bees. But the Honey Badger doesn't give a crap – he comes across a puff adder that is eating a rat, and his first instinct is to run up, grab the rat out of the snake's mouth, carry it a few feet away, and then eat the rat right in front of the snake just to show the adder that he's a bitch. The thick skin is also cool because loose enough that if another creature bites the Ratel he can still turn around (with the attacker still chomping down) and reposition himself to better bite faces or shred nutsacks. Badgers eat a host of smaller food items like insect larvae, beetles, scorpions, lizards, rodents and birds. Young cubs are prevented from catching poisonous snakes by their mothers until they have the necessary skills and coordination.Honey badgers are generalist carnivores with an extremely wide diet. The honey badger eat the puff adder's dead gerbil then fight the snake. A relative of the equally-badass Wolverine, the Honey Badger has no natural predators. It is even listed as the "most fearless animal in the world" in the Guinness Book of Records. "Now for those of you who are looking at that cute, adorable little angry toothy maw and are thinking to yourselves that this cuddly killing machine would be more fitting as a teddy bear than a murderous demon from the blackest darkness of Lucifer's ballsack, I should mention that the picture above was taken as he was charging a jeep that he thought was invading his territory. But the Honey Badger doesn't give a crap – he comes across a puff adder that is eating a rat, and his first instinct is to run up, grab the rat That's just how Ratel operates. He's been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The World's Most Fearless Creature" every year since 2002, with no end in sight.