The superconducting version efficiently stores energy that could be used to accelerate more beams.The work could pave the way for linear particle accelerators that are shorter and less expensive than existing models. This led the team to think that the animal was not scavenged. After a piece of gel spent the night on their building’s roof, the researchers transferred it into a closed container and set it under the Sun. Geophysicists use cameras and magnetic instruments to record the polar light shows — also known as auroras — and to monitor the influx of solar particles.Carl Tape at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and his colleagues found that on three winter nights from 2017 to 2019, the seismometer at Poker Flat, Alaska, detected seismic signals caused by magnetic fluctuations in the sky. He lunged at Apollo and attempted to snatch him but Apollo was faster. The discovery boosts emperor penguin numbers by 5–10%.The iconic birds breed and raise their young on sea ice frozen to Antarctica’s shoreline. A longfin inshore squid hatchling treated with CRISPR gene editing lacks the spots of its untreated companion. Waters warmer than current temperatures, by contrast, bolstered productivity and biomass of weedy algae and other photosynthetic life forms at the bottom of the food chain; molluscs and other organisms that consume these low-level producers suffered. He could also become jealous when provoked. The thalattosaur’s vertebrae were still lined up like beads on a necklace, and it still had its ‘hands’ and ‘feet’, which would usually have been the first to fall away when a carcass rotted. about Microbes with mettle build their own electrical ‘wires’about The brain circuit that encourages eating for pleasureabout The eruption that helped to destroy one of China’s great dynastiesabout An elephant-nosed creature ‘lost to science’ was living just next doorabout An extinct reptile’s last meal shows it was a grip-and-tear killerabout Bustling seascapes risk collapse as the climate changesabout Medical bias poses a deadly threat for Black babiesabout Deep learning deciphers images made with soundabout Satellites find penguins by following the pooabout Parents’ desire for one boy and one girl pushed trend in family patternsabout Ultra-fluorescent dyes give objects an eye-popping glowabout Seismic sensors look skywards — and capture dazzling aurorasabout A killer parasite shows signs of drug resistance in Africaabout The particle accelerator that’s serious about recyclingabout A CRISPR first produces squid as clear as glassabout This super ‘sponge’ releases steam when the Sun shinesabout Gut microbes and stress team up to make a painful disease worse Credit: Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/GettyThe collapse of China’s prosperous Ming dynasty, one of the most stable in Chinese history, has been attributed, in part, to the 1641 eruption of a volcano thousands of kilometres from the imperial capital in Beijing.Geoscientists have long known that a mega-drought that parched eastern China between 1637 and 1643 was the most severe to affect the area during the last millennium, but they did not know precisely what made it so bad. Their names were often changed but their myths and symbolism stayed the same. Liang Ning at Nanjing Normal University in China, Zhengyu Liu at Ohio State University in Columbus and their colleagues looked at records of past temperatures, as well as ice-core records and climate models, to unravel the mystery.The drought kicked off as a standard dry spell. He was the god of poetry, art, archery, plague, sun, light, knowledge and music. In artistic representations of the god, he is shown as a young and handsome man with golden hair. iós.