Then copy gpuPeteOGL2.slf and gpuPeteOGL2.slv files to the shaders folder.You're welcome. I do not see that. - … The one that wins is the one you feed the most. | Back | Main | Next >> | To get your imaginations wandering, here are some samples of what other custom shaders can do…Of course, there are additional tweaks you can do for certain games to make them look extra special, but these settings should definitely get you started in the right direction.If you have any other tips and would like to post screenshots of your own enhancements (Playstation or otherwise), feel free to join in on It makes PSX games look like DC Games, and just a Quick question…Can you put in your PSX games into the CD Drive and Load the game up through the Emulator?

.., loL! This file ePSXe 2.0.5 + BIOS + Plugins - (PS1).rar is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. You know about the existence of I'd also say that IMO different games will look better with differentn plugins and settings, so try out different configs and use a frontend to automatically set them.Hey Master Burrfoot, any plug-in advice regarding FFTactics? A forum community dedicated to all emulation enthusiasts. August 29, 2001. If it fixes the lags, you can change them to High.

Or, you can also use the plugin "Eternal SPU" which is simply the best of all. Enable XA sound, and XA smoothing to help get a correct speed. Ars Tribunus Militum I advise you to use either the "Pete's DSound plugin", which is better, offers more options and is faster. The one that wins is the one you feed the most.In every person there are 2 dogs Good and one Evil. The two recommended plugin emulators are PCSX-R and ePSXe. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.the plugin is acting up on my pc when i try to load the game Final Fantasy 9.A windows pops and says.No wgl extensions.I don’t know off the top of my head, but you should ask for help in the forums — somebody should be able to help there.Which shader was used to get the shiny effect on that last FF9 screenshot? I spent a lot of time trying different settings and ended up with these settings. Here is my complete guide on how to setup the EPSXE EMULATOR. Download ePSXe 2.0.5 + BIOS + Plugins - (PS1).rar at We recommend to enable every option. The two that I have by default are: ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2. – esto no está bien explicado en texture-filtering hay que poner extended-remove-black borders- porque con los demas siempre queda algun sitio pixelado con tu configuracion por ejemplo tekken 3 si miras al suelo se ve pixelado aunque lo demas perfecto el muñeco y tal … extended-remove-black-borders los elimina por completo haz la prueva sin mezclar shaders para verlo con mas exactitud ! Anyway, it mightn't work if you use a widescreen monitor. I only ask because sound effects seemed rushed. When going through the wizard guide to set up everything what should I choose? Ars Tribunus Militum Eternal SPU SPU Utility in Playstation Category << Go to SPU utilities list.

Since ePSXe added support for most PCSX-R exclusive plugins with 2.0, the main difference between them now is that PCSX-R supports CPU overclocking (SonofUgly's forkonly) though ePSXe introduced it in later versions. Don't use simulated BIOS, download and use a real BIOS.. Video [] Ars Tribunus Militum Also, if I may not have the options available would it be possible to post a link so I may download them.