In addition, Couteret was charged with “making false or fraudulent statements” when he allegedly lied about his involvement with the Prentiss elk hunt.Commonwealth attorney Roy Cross called four witnesses, and defense attorney Blair Hindman called three. “I was a hunter and I know that that can lead to bad consequences.” The judge ruled Elk County Outfitters’ guides Rensel and Couteret guilty on all three charges, but found Couteret not guilty on the charge of “making false or fraudulent statements.” Since only one elk had been shot, Nevling ordered the three defendants to split the restitution cost of $5,000. Within seconds, a group of cow elk crossed the road, followed by the trophy bull.Prentiss readied to shoot, but was advised by guide Rensel that he was not permitted to shoot across the road. A two-hour-long hearing resulted in an elk hunter and two guides being found guilty by District Judge Jerome Nevling for multiple violations of the Pennsylvania wildlife code. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Rensel, an elk guide for the past nine years, testified, “I was going to park there anyway (regardless of his conversation with Couteret).” Rensel said that he did not see anything unsafe with how the shots were taken.Couteret denied participating in the hunt. On March 10, multiple charges were filed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission against hunter Prentiss and Elk County Outfitters’ guides Gary Couteret, of … That’s a good point– the bull’s antlers aren’t something you’d end up putting on your table to try and eat next Thanksgiving.If you’re looking for a meat that’s very healthy and still tastes great, Elk meat is a great choice. Price Points for Elk Hunting in Tioga, PA. 1552 Mann Hill Rd And the camaraderie? Wildlife agencies have, in the past, issued tags to encourage the hunter harvest of cows in order to “cull the herd.” By eliminating some cows, hunters are actually helping make for a younger, more vigorous, resistant-to-disease herd. Others want to fill their freezers with Elk meat that is devoid of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics, and is grass fed and free ranging!What about the love of hunting in general? Game Commission Northcentral Director Dave Mitchell, the third witness, testified that he was a certified Boone and Crockett scorer and that the elk’s antlers scored 422-1/8 inches as a non-typical elk. Taste-wise, it’s similar to beef, but with a little more flavor. PH. Before you pull the trigger, your guide will tell you the Elk’s size so you know exactly how much you’d pay to kill that particular animal at Tioga Ranch. The American Heart Association deemed it “The Heart Smart Red Meat” and some people have called it “The Better Beef.”For those hunters who want to help feed their families, a guided Elk cow hunt at Tioga Ranch is ideal.Interested in other hunts that we don’t offer? They will likely be looking for another outfitter who would be willing to donate a guided elk hunt.“We will vet the next outfitter,” Cogan said. Each witness was cross-examined.The first witness for the prosecution was Ben Gnan, videographer for TomBob Outdoors. You bring your own food, sleeping bag with a foam pad and drop cloth or cot, personal gear, rifle, and game license. In the video, guide Couteret was seen driving away after talking with guide Rensel and Prentiss. He explained which laws he believed were violated. That score put the elk in the trophy category.Next on the stand, Conservation Administration Supervisor Kristoffer Krebs testified about the interview that he conducted with Prentiss on Nov. 20. It’s naturally low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in protein. Tioga’s guided hunts include meals!Clothing-wise, hunters should bring with them rain gear, thermal underwear, fleece, extra socks and gloves, a warm stocking hat, a brimmed hat and camouflage clothing and accessories.Female Elk are called cows.

The multiple charges stemming from the investigation of the Sept. 13 hunt in Karthaus Township, Clearfield County, included “unlawful devices and methods” (using a motor vehicle to locate elk), “shooting on or across highways” (shooting at the elk after alighting from a vehicle while being within 25 yards of the traveled portion of the roadway) and “unlawful taking of game.” A $5000 replacement cost for the trophy elk accompanies the unlawful taking charge. Even though they claimed that they did not know the large bull was close, they were whispering as they exited the vehicle. Well, as food for humans to eat, cows and calves offer “better” meat than bulls. They have been good and generous to us,” said Rawley Cogan, President and CEO of the Keystone Elk Country Alliance. It also included six days of donated guiding service from Elk County Outfitters and a video record of the hunt filmed by TomBob Outdoors. “However, given everything that happened, KECA has severed ties with Elk County Outfitters. Why do people hunt Elk? “The last thing that we would want is a repeat of this unfortunate situation.”Six Lakes Trail can feel like a misnomer because there are only two.Subscribe for unlimited digital access to the news that matters to your community. Jack Manack, owner of Elk County Outfitters, was disappointed with the judge’s ruling.“We have‎ game‎ laws‎ for‎ the‎ same‎ reason‎ we‎ have‎ any‎ other‎ law‎ in‎ this‎ country,‎ so‎ there‎ is‎ a‎ definitive‎ line‎ between‎ right‎ and‎ wrong,” Manack said a few days after the hearing.‎ “This ruling was based solely upon opinion, not by the definition of the law.”With the court verdict, Elk County Outfitters is seeing other repercussions.“I appreciate everything that Elk County Outfitters has done over the years. From the statement, he quoted Prentiss as saying, “The guide in the red bandanna had been assigned to drive around looking for elk.” The signed interview was entered as evidence.Attorney Hindman called the accused — Rensel, Prentiss and Couteret — as witnesses.Subscribe for unlimited digital access to the news that matters to your community. For instance, many hunters carry with them a first aid kit, as well as a water bottle, thermos, knife, folding saw, and… a camera! Jack Manack, owner of Elk County Outfitters, was disappointed with the … In fact, Elk meat can be substituted for beef in most recipes (with some changes). Guided hunts typically help figure out the food situation, which can be quite helpful so hunters can concentrate on the hunt rather than worrying about supplies.