Many dream books (ancient ones) claim that to dream of fish during pregnancy foretells giving birth of a beautiful baby girl. Dreaming of sea fish means winning something and good luck. To dream of fish swimming in the sea in old folklore represents the insight of your unconscious mind, especially if you saw more than one fish swimming in the ocean. Trying to catch a fish with your hands suggests sentimental disillusions. But besides this, fish are often interpreted as a symbol of personal development, growth, and fertility. On a positive note, you will find the following month or two extremely lucky. Don’t panic because, with a good plan, taking better care of yourself and changes, you can overcome everything. To catch a fish in your dream symbolizes your awareness and to a lesser degree indicates you are gaining insight into your own (or someone else’s) personality. Petting a fish in your dream means you will have to deal with easy women that bring with them prejudices.

If you see a white fish, things are looking positive in regards to your love life.In some occult books the dream is also connected with the Zodiac sign of Pisces, the symbol is two fish swimming together. If anyone dreams of fishing, this foretells a favorable event. You ever wake up from one of those dreams where you open your eyes and you're like, "... What the fffff?" But the final outcome (if the dream is positive) is victory over enemies.At times, you just have to try different things in life before you find something that makes you happy. If you see carps in your dream while being pregnant, it can foretell that you’re going to give birth to an intelligent, and talented child, most possibly a daughter. …

You may find yourself in an uncomfortable and unexpected situation in waking life.

If you were attacked by a small fish, you won’t suffer major changes but small ones. If You Dream Of Fish Swimming. Answer Save. You’re not afraid to do it, no matter whom you’re expressing your feelings to. Cooking white fish indicates that you are in perfect health.

If you’re cleaning out fish (maybe a fish tank), this dream denotes your shame in expressing feelings for other people. Long Dream. Posted by 18 days ago. Hold that thought, because as always, there's a different meaning here.Dreaming about eating fish, particularly if it's after you watched it being cleaned and cooked, is Generally, cooking and eating are symbolic of nurturing your soul, so fish dreams of this variety sound pretty darn promising.You don't need Freud to tell you this one isn't too happy. If you dream of a fish that is swimming in clean, clear water, it promises new discoveries and achievements. A big fish represents something you know is important, but don't understand. Lonely. If you dream of fish, this generally suggests the emotional side of your character according to Irish folklore.

This dream also symbolizes prosperity and luck. You are going to be less successful in all fields in your life and you won’t be be able to make all of the plans you had, come true. Either way, such dream foretells unpleasant situations and troubles appearing in your waking life. Seeing a fish out of water has a similar interpretation. To see a fish in your dream (as I have already mentioned) may represent conception. Maybe you are trying to overcome some problems the most effective way. This dream might foretell disappointment, especially if you could see muddy or dirty water along with the fish out of water in your dream.If the fish is dead, I’m afraid this is a negative sign according to dream folklore.