What the people with us do or say in the dream informs you about their true personality. Islamic dreams about Dead Body Coffin find dream interpretations.

It can also reflect ideas and habits that are no longer of use and can be buried or given up. To dream of seeing a body or dream of seeing yourself in a coffin suggests that you are going through a period of depression.

Perhaps you do not see things clearly. To get more detailed dream interpretation, please see the meaning of If you dream of someone’s death that is close to you, then such dream shows the fear of losing that particular person. It also indicates that a person you love a lot can die, or that there can be misunderstandings in the family, which can cause significant material losses.

Kissing the ground is a sign of feeling humiliated or scared of arriving penalties. Meanings & explanations for Dead Body Coffin dictionary!

Carrying oars in a dream means knowledge. If the waters are troubled or agitated by the storm that foretells difficult loves. Dream of kissing a dead person, long life. The part of the If you see the cat in your dream, then such dream represents unfaithfulness, disadvantage and betrayal. If one sees a ship floating over a sea of blood in a dream, it means adultery. If we do the same but with affection, they will be benefiting from us. Are you ready to uncover hidden and forbidden meanings of your dream about Seeing yourself being dirty, foretells about moral or economic problems. The cat could also have a very positive meaning especially if the dreamer is the lover of the cats, then the dream would indicate the comfort, love and friendship. If the water is clean it confirms that our feelings are well founded. If the marsh is very cloudy or dry or with If you are kissing a person of the opposite sex portends unfaithfulness, unless it is your partner, in which case announces a good fortune. Unfortunately this dream indicates possible difficult times ahead.

To have a side swollen, riches for the husband or wife….To dream that you have an infection, shows the way of negative thinking. If we are the doctor this dream advises us that we address both the In dreams faculties provided by gymnastics are applied to the personality, the If we are the doctor this dream warns us that we must attend to both the The dream about bruises usually indicates difficult time the one is having while dreaming. …a ship ebbing and stretching as the tide fall in the sea, then if the sea calms in the dream, it means that he will receive a high ranking appointment, leadership, authority and honor. The death could also indicate the factors of some person you wish to implant in yourself, because you adore it so much. The cat that is black denotes to secret and hidden aspects of the individual. dream meanings. The kittens in dreams have a positive meaning, because it symbolizes childishness, purity and innocence. Coffin. You find a dead body. A flying ship in a dream also may represent another type of vehicle, or it could mean a …If you dream of a corpse, a death, or a funeral, you will hear of a birth, engagement, or marriage; but not necessarily in connection …in black in your dream suggests failures and problems in business and other activities that you are taking care of. Cats in dreams could also represent the sexual desires the one has. When a woman dreams about her Dreaming of a marsh provides information about our emotions.

The dream could also indicate the aspects of that certain person in your dream you do not like and wish he didn’t have them.

If the banks are arid they indicate the fear of not being able to realize our amorous desires. To have them stronger and larger than usual, means conjugal happiness, contentment, coming from the family or those taking an interest in the dreamer’s affairs.

When kissing the Kissing a person of the opposite sex and not our partner means harbinger of infidelity, but kissing our partner on the other hand, it indicates that good times are coming.

When empty, indebtedness and loss. Such dream is a classic example of a plot that should be interpreted backwards. You killed someone. 59. A marsh surrounded by lush vegetation increases the meaning of life and sentimentality and indicates the desire to express love and emotions and passions. If you see many cats at one place, then such dream shows the big amount of illusions.

When and where was the body found? To dream of a coffin represents acceptance of change or loss. Is it someone you know?

The horror and disgust with which we entertain thoughts of death shows that we have uncertainty for the future.

It is important to look at the circumstances surrounding the discovery of this dead body. If you saw a coffin already buried into ground, you will have to face some health problems.An open coffin predicts a joyful event, Hasse thinks.. If you see the cat that is We include this dream in medicine. If the cat is aggressive, then such dream shows the issues with your feminine aspects that must be solved immediately. You may also be noticing that something in your life is ending or changing for the worse.

If one sees a ship floating over a sea of blood in a dream, it means adultery. 10. The dream, in which the cat bites you, shows that you to tend to take a lot, but do not give back enough. There may be a dead or decaying situation or issue in your life that you need to address.

Swollen or too large Dreaming of people who in real life have died and were dear to us reveals dissatisfaction with our present life.