My family is looking to adopt a housebroken cockapoo. We currently have a 4 yr old cockapoo, Bella. Lowell, MA.

Seamus is medium sized. but because of his trusting issues he needs a home where he will get love and limits.

I have much time to devote to settling my future sweetheart in, as I mostly work from home.Hope to hear back from someone needing to find a great home for a cockapoo.

Live in Oklahoma City area. prefer 2 years old or more. He, also, doesn’t understand dangerous situations and how to avoid them.He, also, has a condition know as carpal subluxation. $ 360 . Located in MARecently lost my beloved 12 year old Cockapoo & would love to adopt one that may be in need of a loving home in Kansas City, MO.Looking for a cockapoo to be a companion for my mother in law who is a widow. Our laps are empty and are ready for the love of a female cockapoo age 2-4 years old. Please text me at. Not Now. Newton, MA. We live in Texas. Looking for an young female cockapoo in southern FL.

I am ready to bring that joy back into my life and am looking for a cockapoo who needs a good home (with fenced in backyard, doggie door, can bring dog to work, no children or cats) and an owner who is ready to spoil him/her. PLEASE! I live in Toronto, ON. Not only would we love another dog but we are also looking for a playmate for her. You can reach me at We live on Long Island & are looking to adopt an adult cockapoo. She is a shy girl but she loves other dogs. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Keep Checking Back For New Massachusetts Cockapoo Breeders and Rescue Listings.Some of the Massachusetts Cities that we plan to include Cockapoo Puppies For Sale and Rescue Organizations are listed below.If you can’t find a local Cockapoo dog breeder in your area don’t worry, many Cockapoo breeders are using major airlines like American, Delta, Continental and Northwest airlines for shipping their Cockapoo puppies and dogs.More Tags: cockapoo,cockapoo puppies,puppies,cockapoo puppy,cockapoo puppies for sale,cockapoo facts,cockapoo (animal breed),puppy,cutest cockapoo puppies,cockerpoo puppies,cockapoo puppies playing,4 week old cockapoo puppies,cockapoos,cute puppies,cockapoo dog,cockapoo puppies compilation,cockapoo dogs 101,litter of cute cockapoo puppies,cockapoo grooming,cockapoo interesting facts,cockapoo puppies for sale ontario,puppies for saleWe use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He doesn’t seem to have any pain and LOVES running, playing chase, fetch and all of those fun games.He is a joy to be around. My husband and son volunteer at our local animal shelter, but because of my son’s allergies, we are limited in the types of dogs we can adopt.Hello!

I’m looking for a cockapoo buddy , I’m 40 years old, epileptic and in need of a therapy/ companion dog.I live in Vancouver, Washington and need another Buddy to love and care for. We lost our beloved Sxhnauzer 18 months ago and I think we are all ready to welcome another doggie into our home. Looking for a 1 to 5 year old cockapoo.I am in NJ and willing to travel.I have a cockapoo buddy who is in desperate need of a family with lots of love!

Do you know of any cockapoo puppies that need a home in NJ? Plymouth, MA. We have decided on a cockatoo, as we know several and they are all loveable. We eat a good chow of the puppy. We live in CT and are willing to travel up to 5 hours to adopt. We live in Wallingford, CT and are willing to travel a reasonable distance. He has never had any health issues. See more of Cockapoo Rescue on Facebook. I live in Western, Pennsylvania but can travel.I would really love to have a black wit white under neck puppy or older I’ve had two both for yrs 1was just old and blind she went deaf she was my first I had her 17 yrs the 2nd I had for 15 yrs those were best dogs I’ve ever hadHi iam waiting to adopt a cockapoo puppy.

He is cute and funny…races around the room when he gets excited.

Big yard, semi-rural area where I live. Scroll to view available . We would prefer a younger one if possible to grow with our family.Would like to rescue cockapoo, please let me know when you have any available to adopt.

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Our granddaughters come over often and miss seeing a dog in our house.I have two cockapoos that are both rescue dogs. She will be treated like family in every way.Hello. They're shots and dewormed for 10 days. I live in SC but will travel for the right furry friend. We love this breed!

He needs someone who will be his life long companion and he can be your “right hand man”. Thank you for your consideration! A cockapoo would be so loved and cared for.Hope to find a cockapoo for companionship. Anyone close by? This does not mean that I am not missing my better half.I am 72 and just fostered a young Beagle who had heart worms. Please respond to me..CockapooClub is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. He is eager to please, at our training class he is the star – I don’t put in as much time reinforcing the training a I should. He is a rescue – having spent the first 2 years of his life probably in a backyard. Loving, experienced stay at home pet owner Interested in rescuing a cockapoo. He has a sweet disposition and loves to cuddle.

Our cocker spaniel of 17 years has been gone since December. Show All; Female; Male; Urgent; Change Location. My little Norfolk terrier died in April … oveMy special little buddy, friend, & companion died in Nov, 2015, age 13 & 8 mos.Is your daughter’s 3 yr old male still looking for a home? I am my husband’s caregiver for over 7 years now and adopted Smokey 3 years ago. Our dog has become a member of the family, and we feel so lucky to have him.

he is a cock-a-poo also.Looking to rescue a cockapoo. We live in Virginia Beach and have a 2 year old female cockapoo . Please contact me should one becomes available that would love to live in Norman, OKI’m interested in adopting a young, small sized female Cockapoo.

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You can call 646 207-7966.Hello Jackie, We live on Long Island and recently lost our precious cockapoo.