All tubes are pre-bent and notched 1.5", .120 wall, SAE 10/10 Steel Tubing. Price. Roll cage was fabricated by Jon at Castle Fabrication. LATEST RAGE 701280: 3 in BODY LIFT KIT. Offer valid on {{ (rememberingPassword) ?

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1962 Class 5 Street Legal Baja Bug prerunner .

$342.95. l�d��3�T-� ��9���^ �ޱ�ŕ���v��P�zK�̟]gpyt�a�M�D��]Z!��P�^�V��V�%]L�Ҍ�g�� ��� II^�� Price: $0 – $494.95.

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Give us a call at Sign up for JBugs emails and we'll email you a coupon forYou'll also get insider access to exclusive offers, expert tech tips, and info unique to your vehicle*Offer valid for new subscribers. Baja Bug Rollcage; Shop By. Matt Beckwith 4 Years At Kartek @matt_b_1986. Baja Bug Rollcage. The Class 11 cage is a great "foundation" for your Baja Bug or Class 11 Beetle. 6 Point Class 11 Roll Cage 1.5 Inch .095 Wall Raw Tubing Requires Welding Doesnt Fit … 'My Vehicle' : filter.filterLabel }}:{{ formatFilterValue(filter.field, filter.filterValue) }}{{ (fitmentBeingChanged) ?

Lower shock mount may be moved or replaced as long as it remains on the lower trailing ... a "Baja Bug". {{ (selectedModel) ? 'Hide Filter Options' : 'Show Filter Options' }} x͝�v�qǿ�S H`1ם]GM��E-0f�8��8:�qr�$����W����ޝY, |��93;���u����R���R��v}5�}��?V�������ߚ�ۿUu��۷@��׳�h�~����ݺkW�~_}�� �w�W��޵US��S�����eu�������8���y�Ǘ��Uᆲ^����vm��nv[�z����'�ջ_B�Y�+��뺮��ݷ%/��������O?=�{�Y���n�2y궇��m[�0L����y�̦��#H���e��o�u}�*.�i[]�"����C��uE7�tL �nXo�vSPT�Q��:��v�]�v��d\G���z� %]������pU�T�4���V������u�q��xY�n�h��v�w�2ľd]ݯ� �96?���� �q� �'A֎�pC���1��>�]�bH�bt�r���X]�u����J��~�Ć�]��7 dx@�:��n��^��ђ�G��fC� ��l���fL-���~@\����n}u�q����UK�����5��2 Rx�]����*o�Df��, [� EMPI 3119 : BAJA FULL SHOW CAGE . determineModelSubmodelText(selectedModel, selectedSubmodel) : 'Shop For Your Vehicle' }} VW Dune Buggy, Baja Bug & Off Road Exterior & Chassis Parts VW Dune Buggy, Baja Bug & Off Road Roll Cages, Bars & Padding Showing results {{ pagination.begin }} to {{ pagination.end }} of {{ pagination.totalResults }} total products Any manufacture torsion plates allowed. n�%��e���ᕷ(J Additional metal parts may be needed and custom fitting and fabrication of the parts may help for a better fit. This is not a "Fit Tab A into Slot B", CAD designed roll cage.

All images protected by US and International copyright laws. Add to Cart. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> LATEST RAGE 800230: CLASS 11 ROLL CAGE. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey Chartered Bank, Member FDIC.- Broaden your search by removing any applied filters- Still not finding what you want? Discount code will be delivered via email. Your terms may vary and are subject to credit approval. %��������� $391.95. "Volkswagen", "VW","Beetle", "Super Beetle", "Bus", "Ghia", "Type 2", "Type 3", "Thing", "Rabbit", "Cabriolet", "Jetta", and "Golf" are trademarked by Volkswagen of America and are used for descriptive purposes only. wL�܄�j�S����*,�;Z9�€iӁp����� �*�JD�j��M]Fr�L(ԥX"t�+�V�(�P�p�l��0�=F�Z�ʥ*��u�N�KM9��'b�A\�D�=�iͻ���iz�%�DGίzM�ԫs�ȡJD�� �&�H�J���,T��\��A$��β#vی�8D�i�9�i��Q��a��#~�l|�d�ݬ�>s�Sz��&=|��J�y(��H��lw� $�v�"� .h��]�/��;4`M�rlkbj=�pɰ{\���q)��M����K���8^��>L|?C�lB%���d�����6�H���D�BJ�$`��/C�p~�|V���6��a���?�%(R -��k@�~{���"����^)��͟�1&�\��b���po)�G? determineModelSubmodelText(selectedModel, selectedSubmodel) : 'Select Your Vehicle' }} Not responsible for typographical or photo errors. CLASS 5-1600 OPEN WHEEL - 1600cc Baja Bugs DEFINITION ... and/or the roll cage. I come from a desert racing family.

Add to Cart. EMPI 3116 : BAJA SHOW CAGE 4 POINT . 'Recover Forgotten Password' : 'Sign In' }} {{ mobileFacetToggle ? {{ (filter.filterLabel === 'Vehicle Fitment') ? {{ (selectedModel) ? All Prices subject to change without notice or obligation. Here's a photo of my old Baja. �js�>� ��ؚ�h�ɽri�j�`Uw��)�5�aU/u�� 'Close' : 'Select Vehicle' }}All rights reserved. 4 0 obj Shopping Options. Add to Cart. Showing results {{ pagination.begin }} to {{ pagination.end }} of {{ pagination.totalResults }} total products Original seams may be reinforced. $494.95. ��O�|�������#\�t8�C?C���Q�# V��� A�@�8��b��'嘏^����xn�#nkְdm#�:�v��iȫ�x0v��O�����0�Q%C���d��/�I34�'ÊD�o��?4�Er�����p=b���Ф���@LA�E���3*��/�h8� � ELT�B��'ߦ�QzY|m�[��0q�L���k�����Q�MH���O5�K��=1��Udv�1NY�lh�O���כ�Sqɴ1����כ'��Y7��Y�w��0���u��7mǎ�K0���W��or,�,�q