The main reason Warren chooses to target shallow fish with this pattern is they are largely unpressured and overlooked. Warren competes on the FLW Pro Circuit and has not only found success with this technique throughout his home state of Oklahoma, but on a myriad of man-made lakes across the country. The last area Warren concentrates on comes into play when he is fishing the main channel of a river or runs up to the riverine section of a lake; eddies and current seams. Summer Fishing

In fact, burning a swinging jighead as fast as possible in super skinny water has produced lots of bass for the FLW pro.

Giveaways originalDevice: deviceType:desktop "Biffle laid the ground work on how to fish a hardhead in a river and it flat catches them.

Productive shallow patterns are sought after like the last slice of pizza for most bass fishermen by the time June rolls around. You'll start seeing wads of bass boats out looking at their electronics and while there are a few fish offshore, the giant schools of deep bass we dream of haven't quite shown up.

It's during this post-spawn funk that pro angler Chad Warren uses a swinging jighead to capitalize on overlooked shallow bass. "Anywhere current positions bass in a river is a perfect place for a wobblehead," Warren said. Today, most duck boat lines feature this step deck design. Fishing Resources

Best Overall: Nitro Z21 at Nitro "Nitro’s most advanced bass boat." Main lake flats just outside of major spawning pockets are Warren's next focal point for his wobblehead formula.

One cluster of large boulders on a rock flat or a patch of pea gravel on a clay point can concentrate huge numbers of bass into one small area.

The SJX is the most unique high performance aluminum jet boat in the country because of its unmatched power-to-weight ratio, fuel economy, tremendous payload, brutal acceleration, superb handling, along with its unmatched shallow water abilities. Dec 14, 2019 - Explore Dennis Cervenka's board "shallow water boats" on Pinterest. Fishing Resources See more ideas about Shallow water boats, Boat building, Boat. But sometimes, it pays off to go faster.

Best Under $20,000: Tracker Pro Team 190 TX at Tracker Boats "If your budget is flexible, you can upgrade to a faster 115 horsepower engine."

Similar to the gradual sloping points, Warren isn't expecting to find fish everywhere across a vast flat. Crankbait Summer Fishing

Warren traditionally winds a wobblehead slowly to maintain bottom contact, but he's found as long as his bait bounces the bottom every few feet he can get away with a faster retrieve.

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"They don't look like much and likely don't receive as much fishing pressure, but they still hold fish.

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On a typical flat bass boat, the hull is not capable of handling offshore waters.

Tackle Reviews Over 20 years ago, Excel CEO Glenn Foreman introduced the first step deck (the MR18 Duck Boat) to the shallow water duck boat industry. The bottom is smooth and void of crimps. News Summer Fishing Swimbait

Giveaways The last wave of spawning fish or fry guarders leave the bank and many anglers lose touch with the fish for a few weeks. Summer Fishing

"In my experience, there is a short period where a large majority of big bass stay shallow after they finish spawning," Warren explained.