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Loaded doesn't have a straight-up season mode, which is a little disappointing, but it does have a deep franchise mode. Movies PC

The game is available on both the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. MLB Network is kicking off its weekend coverage with "Slugfest Saturday." Regularly, pitching is a push-button affair, but when you switch over to MLB mode, it becomes a simple timing-based system.

$25.00 | MLB 9 Best: MLB Slugfest 2003 This franchise was popular for the same reason that NFL Blitz and NBA Jam were. Take yourself out to the ball game with the 5 best and 5 worst baseball games of all timeThis franchise was popular for the same reason that People don't seem to talk about it often enough but the This 1995 release for the Sega Genesis and SNES is one of the more interesting on this list. [Aug 2004, p.100] i'm thinking of ending things


Easily the most original baseball title I've ever seen. Condition is Good.

With every major sporting league in the United States suspending play, a video game is arguably your best bet to live out your dreams without ever leaving your Games You can opt to play your team's games yourself, using whatever rules you see fit, or you can simply simulate games. History tells us (if Hitz and Blitz are any indication) this second entry will be SlugFesfs shining moment. While it's very cool that you can customize the game as you see fit, SlugFest's simulation mode isn't really as deep as an honest-to-goodness baseball simulation. You will actually find yourself laughing while playing, and virtually anyone can pick up and play this and have a good time. Raised by Wolves: Season 1 Negotiate with free agents, make trades, and keep track of everything with the most in-depth stats anywhere. Xbox If you're looking for a superfun, easy-to-understand baseball game this year, SlugFest: Loaded is definitely your best bet. There's not enough control and the batter can hit it no matter where you place it (unless you purpusefully bean them). MLB SlugFest 2004 Edmonds Cover - Original Xbox Game Tested, Working . The commentary, which includes a pretty good pregame joke or two, is still pretty funny. does loaded or 2004 let you do either of those? You can manage your payroll, play around with lineups and positions, edit your starting rotation, and execute trades, free agent signing, and other clubhouse duties. Midway gets things together on time this year with the release of MLB Slugfest 20-04.Bringing back the high intensity, over-the-top style of baseball that many have come to associate with Midway, this year's release comes out simultaneous to other baseball games hitting the market instead of months later. Additionally, you'll start to hear a few repeated bits after only a few games. Been talking with my friends from childhood a lot lately about the hours and hours we spent playing sports games on the PS2 and GameCube. A one-stop shop for all things video games. It expertly delivered a realistic gaming experience while keeping things fun and light. Some of the player models look a little weird at times, though, and the crowds in each stadium are pretty awful-looking 2D cutouts. The franchise mode gives you a much deeper level of control over your team than you'd expect from an arcade-style sports game. The main mode of play is a quickplay option that lets you get right down to business. Literally sit inside for days on end playing sometimes in the summer. Some people still mod the game to this day to keep it fresh with up to date rosters.

All your favorite baseball players now have powers to run at turbo speed, make impossible catches, and survive hard collisions.