I watched this video of the care that Herman Miller puts into assembling the Eames Lounge Chair: These are the same thoughts I’ve been having. When it comes to dining chairs person who has some knowledge about home décor Eames chairs will surely be the first choice. The couple designed the chair for a competition that was sponsored by MoMA called the You have to go back to the times to fully understand why the chair came into creation.The Eames chair was truly a product of the time. When it comes to Eames, surely the price is high to pay. The curvy design gives the chair a different look in it and it’s comfortable as well. All were roughly in the same price range as the other, but I found some differences which tipped the scale in favor of Cantoni.The first was geographical proximity; We have a Cantoni store very close to my office (Dallas TX), so I wouldn't have to pay shipping (I picked it up myself). It was in impeccable shape, and a quick cleaning at home restored any dust or smudges it may have had.I have had the pleasure to see an authentic Eames chair in person, and I must say that Cantoni's version is meticulously constructed. And these chairs are perfect for what you need in a chair. People wanted quality, lasting furniture, and the Eames chair was able to meet these needs.If you look back at the material of the earliest form of these chairs, you’ll find that the chair consisted of:People loved the design of these chairs, and then you started to see them being offered with a variety of new options. In Australia specifically if you have any idea?Honestly, I've been doing research on replica Eames chairs for a while, and almost every single thread is the same:People with glowing reviews are usually incredibly obvious shillsIf you legitimately bought this chair and are providing a sincere review then I apologize for calling you a shill, but your account is two years old and the very first post that you've ever made is an incredibly detailed and glowing review of a replica chair that is often reviewed by shills. The Herman Miller company released the Eames Ottoman and Eames Lounge chair in 1956Charles Eames claims that they wanted the chair to look warm and receptive, and the chair may even look well-used. I just thought I would rather post my findings to help someone figure out an honest review instead of scratching their head, wondering if they should go ahead and save a few more years and pay for the full version (bonkers, if you ask me). This chair will need assembly which is not hard at all. From Charles and Ray Eames to Paul McCobb and Adrian Pearsall.Press J to jump to the feed. I was then torn on what to do, if I should continue pursuing a replica. I’ve also been looking at MHD and Urban Furnishings.Were you able to do any customizations to the Cantoni unit? This is a polypropylene chair with strong metal support if you don’t like the metal support you can also get the same chair with wooden legs.What if you want both in one? Office. You can even see it in the post that you linked - the OP has only ever posted about replica chairs and each glowing review within that post is from an obvious shill.Yeah considering that Cantoni use some of the same pictures as Alibaba replicas, I think this could just be a money grab.I get your skepticism, and it is merited. Most of the time buyers get disappointed because the chair they get is either too large or too small.sitting posture is another thing you should check before purchasing an Eames replica chair. Forums like this are a good place to start your research, as you will have to get acquainted with the real specifications and design of an Eames chair. £379.00 - £409.00 Eames … Eames never fails to surprise us with the design they come up with.3. When it comes to dining chairs person who has some knowledge about home décor Eames chairs will surely be the first choice.