I weighed our new 22' SFX 2 toon at a CAT scale to figure tongue weight. I wanted to say, hey I like me some Wal-Mart... My Tahoe is a "Budget Avalon" (They make both brands).2012 Tahoe 24' Fish-n-Fun Tritoon, with Mercury 115 HP 4-StrokeWell I bit the bullet. SPS tritoon package rated up to 200 horsepower and also includes Seastar hydraulic steering, aluminum underskin, performance foils, lifting strakes, and a 32 gallon center tube fuel tank. Push them both hard, especially full speed turns.I looked closely at the Manitou VP before I purchased my Bennington, and was impressed. And of course - the blackout edition. And as far as I can tell, the Express Tube runs the same on top end as the SPS. And don't forget that you've got to be able to handle that monster behind you in an emergency situation--like changing lanes immediately. Than you will at least have all the information to need to make the right decision for you. Lake Norman Boat Club members love our Bennington triple-tube performance pontoons with 150HP Yamahas!
Saltwater Series.

Lifting strakes are recommended for 90 hp or greater on boats with twin elliptical pontoons.Eases steering effort with higher horsepower engines. Saltwater Series.

SPS is designed for engines 200 hp or less and SPS+ for higher hp applications. BIG MISTAKE with a Jeep. I want at least 150 engine. Even with 373 gears towing anything over 3000-3500lbs was SCARY. 53" tow pylon. My express tube does well for my use, and I'm seeing 40 mph with a Yamaha F150. Not getting the nosecones out of the water costs 5-8 mph and improved fuel mileage.

Everything that makes a Bennington a Bennington at an uncompromising value. He said he priced it with a Suzuki 140!! +1!

I had a 4 door Wrangler Sport 6 speed with V6. I am unsure how this thought has not been posted yet (or at least I didn't see it as I was perusing through the comments)...so here-goes...would it be bad to be at the limit even with a trailer brakes?

MSU Grad. Ive been towing big heavy trailers almost my whole life between boats and work trailers.

I would have thought all tri packages would have strakes but I guess not.2014 Crest Classic 250 SLR2 , Mercury 300 Verado Pro , Mercury Enertia PropYou'd want strakes on any boat with 115 hp or more. Improved acceleration, top speed, and stability are added benefits. Oops. Each elliptical pontoon adds over 1,000 lbs. I have a 24 sslx. It's the elliptical twin toons that are slightly faster in a straight line--but they don't corner quite as well as tritoons.

Bennington's exclusive Elliptical Pontoons combined with lifting strakes, performance foils, solid round keels, and an under deck wave shield offer incredible two-tube performance. MSU Grad.2014 24-SSLX- SPS-Yamaha F200 Top Speed 44.4mph.

Good deal right? I told him my preferance was Yamaha 150, but would consider the Mercury. Both are in the same price ballpark and both will be powered with a 150 HO E-tec and used for family cruising in saltwater and pulling the kids on tubes. What the hell?? I boat a used 2011 Harris Grand Mariner. Cant say it enough.... DONT DO IT. Genesis tandem trailer w/brakes. {Distance} Mi

I think the elliptical cal would be faster and the Manitou will handle more like a … Yamaha F200. JavaScript is disabled.

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