"Your lube delivery apparently." It was hard to miss the muscles that were forming before Howard's very eyes as the serum took effect on the boy's body. "Hey baby boy." — Ze mną nie chciał pójść — dodał z wyrzutem, puszczając mu oczko i mimowolnie przesuwając wzrokiem po jego napiętych mięśniach, ukrytych teraz pod dość obcisłą koszulką.Bucky shaves, feeling extra sweet and pretty for his Daddies.A collection of ficlets inspired by Starker mood boards and posts on Tumblr. Day in the life of an avenger mom. he can't stop hearing beck. His work is not complete. Why? ]What if Peter Parker didn’t grow up in Queens with Uncle Ben and Aunt May, but rather grew up in some Hydra base being trained as The Winter Spider? He could barely hear it over his own pants and beating heart, but it only heightened the fear and anxiety that gave him the energy to just keep running. Although Bucky and Wanda have interacted in the comicverse, no romantic relationship was ever explored with them.Thus there was little to nothing about the two together until 2014 when MCU's film Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released. Oh how she was wrong. [Too Hot to Handle?] ... (Five times the Avengers didn’t meet Tony’s kid and the one time they did.) Until they step in.pepper was gracious enough to hand an intern $20 to get him the largest, sugariest concoction the starbucks across the street could offer. It was just something that happened, anyone, he ever loved, well, died. She meets Howard Stark and they have a child Tony. Aunt May did not know about it. Peter Kay Recommended for you. How the hell you ended up in California instead of New York, I'll never know.” Obie had been apologetic, he'd helped Tony search the StarkIndustries databases for any trace of Tony's missing crates. "Now what?" He was debating if he wants to keep it or not. It doesn’t help that they somehow find trouble wherever they are but they overcome it one way or the other. Avengers Fanfiction Peter School Unmasked Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. But, now they have the perfect idea of what to do. Bruce grinned, bending down and scooping his son up in a giant hug. This. He also got bitten by a radioactive spider, thus becoming Spider-man. Tony takes care of him, as much as he can, and he plans to keep him away from Bucky at all costs. Tony, Bucky, and Winter rush to his side but in their relief at finding him alive, inadvertantly reveal not only that they are all in a relationship, but also Peter's real identity.One of those, send me a number and I'll write a drabble, all together mesh upA space for all my Peter Parker drabbles. But who is this kid who plagues his dreams every night?Meanwhile, Hydra is trying to come back. Although, every rose has it’s thorn. •picking up Ned and Peter in one of Tony's flashy cars just to prove Flash wrong. Normal is something he gets further from each year he gets older.Recently his new normal involves a service dog, therapist visits, medication, and a medical alert bracelet. Will Bucky disclose his age? Ever since Peter had been bitten, by the radioactive Spider, he had lived with the Spidey-sense.Peter and MJ both live with Tony and Pepper and they're dating. spiderman, irondad. All of them. What do you think? What if it was Harley, as Iron Lad, who went to help Tony apprehend the Rogues? The sight hit him right in the face. The Avengers learn that the hard way...Clint and Natasha know someone that can help. When his only living relative, Aunt May, finds out about Peter's big secret she kicks him out of the house for good and leaves him for the streets. Bucky/Wanda is a fairly common het pairing in the MCU fandom.. Fandom. Avengers Fanfic Avengers Story Avengers Imagines Marvel Avengers Spiderman Girl Funny Texts Funny Jokes Twilight Saga Tony Stark Read Chapter 1 from the story I'm a Bloody Stark by Comin2U with 21,190 reads. Bucky tried to convey his bewilderment with a shrug, his arms still full of the pregnant woman.The portal fizzed, and with it, the last of the bizarrely-dressed people trickled out. “California. Please consider turning it on! Peter said, wiping his face with the back of his hand. If there was one thing Peter hated about living with the Avengers, it was how much they treated him like a kid. He knew if he were caught he would be killed. It was a man and a woman, but she was barely holding him upright. This is my brother Pietro. “I can't take New York right now.” He reached up. Be. “Revenge.”It's not like Peter had expected a huge welcoming committee when he'd first moved into the Avengers compound. Wincing from the movement, he leans over the side of the crib to kiss the top of baby Peter's head, “I. As they shoot for the stars one last time, Steve will get proof yet again that the future is nothing if not an echo of the past.All he knows is that he can hear his wife’s voice, his Minnie saying to him, clear as day:You should write it down, honey. You may have your powers, but we have ours, and if you try to escape, you will regret it because our powers are greater than yours.”“Got it, got it,” Peter hummed, hiding his nervousness under his usual veneer of playfulness that he had when he went out as Spidey. The Avengers! He grinned into the camera. Blood dripped down between the fingers pressed to the wound on his abdomen. HYDRA makes him into Spiderman, into the Winter Soldier's backup plan. “So, uh…what do you guys want, exactly?”Wanda’s eyes began to glow brighter, and a red mist began to swirl around her hands as she took a step toward him. 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