i lived this, very sad :c Arctic Monkeys – 505.

completely agree, oooh the way he sings that line with such emotion!

I definetly think its a great song.

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same here, love that he shows such vulnerability, but it freaking makes me wanna crumble! Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeaningsJavascript must be enabled for the correct page display 125 Comments; 2 Tags; I'm going back to 505 If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive In my imagination you're waiting, lying on your side With your hands between your thighs Stop and wait a sec Oh, when you look at me like that, my darling What did you expect? Agree. I CRUMBLE COMPLETELY WHEN YOU CRY!

seems I'm not the only one who gets identified with this piece.. It's definetly one of their more meaningful songs =] It's about a long distance relationship. Wrong.

The band later claimed that 505 was “the first proper love song” that they recorded and it’s long been though that the subject of the lyrics was Turner’s former girlfriend Johanna Bennett. 505 Lyrics: I'm going back to 505 / If it's a seven-hour flight or a forty-five-minute drive / In my imagination, you're waiting lying on your side / With your hands between your thighs / Stop Wrong. Well, everyone has pretty much done a nice job of summing up the meaning of this song. Simply beautiful <3 It's about how hard the break up is for him because he's still in love, but he wants to act like he is not.