To paper or to plastic? Pathology Pediatrics Pharmacology Physiotherapy Podiatry ... ethics, theology and, above all, politics. If they so proudly insist on their “trans-,” beyond all classification, why do they display such an urgent demand for a proper place?

I stand in front of standard bi-gender toilets with two doors, LADIES and GENTLEMEN, and I am caught up in anxiety, not recognizing myself in any of the two choices. Segregated toilet doors are today at the center of a big legal and ideological struggle. On March 29, 2016, a group of 80 predominantly Silicon Valley-based business executives, headlined by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Apple CEO Tim Cook, signed a letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory denouncing a law that prohibits transgender people from using public facilities intended for the opposite sex. Which man has not caught himself in momentary doubt: “Do I really have the right to enter GENTLEMEN? People far from the Western world are allowed to fully assert their particular ethnic identity without being proclaimed essentialist racist identitarians (native Americans, blacks…). Share The Sexual Is Political ... Žižek achieved international recognition as a social theorist after the 1989 publication of his first book in English, "The Sublime Object of Ideology“.

tightened her grip on the bag, and the black man reported that he experienced the woman’s gesture as a case of racist harassment…What goes on is also the result of neglecting the class and race dimension by the PC proponents of women’s and gay rights:“In ‘10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman’ created by a video marketing company in 2014, an actress dressed in jeans, black t-shirt, and tennis shoes walked through various Manhattan neighborhoods, recording the actions and comments of men she encountered with a hidden camera and microphone. However, this trend reduces this tension to the fact that the plurality of sexual positions are forcefully narrowed down to the normative straightjacket of the binary opposition of masculine and feminine, with the idea that, if we get away from this straightjacket, we will get a full blossoming multiplicity of sexual positions (LGBT, etc. One can argue that postgenderism is the truth of transgenderism. "Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) This very prohibition makes them into the universal-neutral medium, the place from which the truth about the others’ oppression is accessible. Here already, things sometimes get complicated.

Do they also not often find it difficult to recognize themselves in prescribed sexual identities? Gays are male, lesbians female; transsexuals enforce a passage from one to another; cross-dressing combines the two; bigender floats between the two… Whichever way we turn, the two lurks beneath.This brings us back to what one could call the primal scene of anxiety that defines transgenderism. The closer one gets to the notorious white heterosexual males, the more problematic this assertion is: Asians are still OK; Italians and Irish – maybe; with Germans and Scandinavians it is already problematic… However, such a prohibition on asserting the particular identity of white men (as the model of oppression of others), although it presents itself as the admission of their guilt, nonetheless confers on them a central position. Rather than undermine sexual difference, Şalcı Bacı stood for this difference as such, in all its traumatic Real, irreducible to any clear symbolic opposition. This, however, raises the question: is + just a stand-in for missing positions like “and others,” or can one be directly a +? Whatever choice I make, I will lose something, and this something is NOT what the other sex has. It assumes that once we get rid of the binary straightjacket, I can fully recognize myself as gay, bisexual, or whatever. The multiplicity of gender positions (male, female, gay, lesbian, bigender, transgender…) circulates around an antagonism that forever eludes it. Love. People far from the Western world are allowed to fully assert their particular ethnic identity without being proclaimed essentialist racist identitarians (native Americans, blacks…).