So, my guess is that this was only installed for the hydrostatic releif valve capability, and not as a functioning main drain going back to the filter (there is also no diverter valve to do so) . That stuff is heavier than water. will have successfully installed the main drain.The importance of anti-slip pool grates cannot be underestimated. If you can’t, it’s no big deal. The 1.5″ pipe just uses couplings but not glued and on the end a 90 degree elbow. You'll simply immerse the entire hose in the water and then, while covering one end with your hand, quickly pull that end out of the pool and point it downward, below the pool surface. I’m open to any suggestions.I’m gonna guess you are referring to an Intex type pool and the main drain you are referring to is the drain plug on the bottom side of the pool? If the line is cracked, then it’s time to drain the pool and run a whole new line. An additional jet or two along with a main drain is the best way to improve water circulation in your above ground pool.The only downside to the main drain is the fact it must be installed during the pool installation or during a liner replacement. Locate the pool’s skimmer and plumb PVC piping from the bottom of it towards the pump and add the other ball valve to that line. I cut drain holed placed a gasket below the padding, and about the liner. Adding a main drain to an above ground pool allows water to be drawn in from the floor of the pool much like inground swimming pools do.
Using a “tee” fitting, connect the two lines to the pump with piping.Try to make it look straight and nice, if you can. Do I have to slope some of the sand into the drain and then lay liner on top so I can see the screw holes after some filling? This is a huge improvement in water circulation as opposed to just skimmer the water’s surface. It took me all the way back to the eighties, when I didn’t know that.Hi Dan.

Pool Troubleshooting: Bottom Drain Clogged. And, it should be as having a leaking pool really sucks. I say to leave what you have alone. So, if I didn’t deter you enough and you want to attempt it, here are  step-by-step instructions to help you hopefully get it right.Measure in from the pool track or wall in three different places to determine the center of the pool. Also, thanks for your explanation on how two main drains work for safety. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. My solution in leu of cutting on in and having to drain the pool was to make a bottom drain on top of the liner. Is that ok?Thanks so much for the write up. Adding a main drain to an above ground pool allows water to be drawn in from the floor of the pool much like inground swimming pools do. A main drain is simply an additional way to circulate the water in your above ground pool. © Proche. We also are able to drain the pool from our Hayward pump. Either choice will correctly drain your water. Never in when the pool is in use.Wow. This is usually due to a tear or leak. How does With above grounds there is always the potential for all the water not to be making it evenly through the equipment and therefore causing chemical balance issues due to poor circulation. It is at this point that the ring I’m about to do the bottom drain thing. Yes. And I run the piping along the outside of the pool instead of under the straps.Dan, what is the reason for not running the piping under the straps?How about two drains for an inground 16 x 32‘ pool? drain. So does that mean I should keep both ball values open when in normal filter mode? BUT, I would never be comfortable leaving water in pipes during a freezing winter. Long ago, above ground pool main drains made sense, before the large filter systems and automatic pool cleaners. Any suggestions on this concern? Thanks!Also, sorry for asking an in-ground question in an above-ground forum.